Neighbourhood Micro Grants

Toronto Strong Neighbourhood Strategy 2020 (TSNS 2020) is the City of Toronto’s action plan for making sure that each of our 140 social planning neighbourhoods can succeed and thrive.

Residents and agencies from 39 identified neighbourhoods (31 NIAs and 8 Emerging Neighbourhoods) have developed a list of changes they want to see in their own neighbourhoods –the TSNS Actions. The $1,000 grants are for use by resident-groups to support those TSNS Actions in local communities!


What is the City's Neighbourhood Micro Grants program?

The Neighbourhood Micro Grants program will make available small grants of $1,000 to resident-led groups to help them inspire their neighbourhoods with events held between August and December.

Funding will be available for events that take place in the 31 Neighbourhood Improvement Areas (NIA) and the 8 Emerging Neighbourhoods between August and December 2017. Up to two (2) groups from each of the 39 neighbourhoods will be funded for events that advance TSNS 2020. (Application for events to be held next year will open in the fall.)

 The Neighbourhood Micro Grants program aims to support the delivery of local actions identified by residents and community partners involved in TSNS 2020. 

For more information, please review the Full Guidelines and the Slide Deck.

Is my group eligible?

If you are able to answer Yes! to the questions below – you are welcome to apply!

Is your group:

  • A Resident-led community group (your group is not a business or a social enterprise)?
  • A resident-led group from Neighbourhood Improvement Area (NIA)/Emerging Neighbourhood?
  • Made up of at least 5 residents (or more) who live in the same neighbourhood (but from different households)?

Do you have an event or activity that:

  • Takes place in one of the 39 identified neighbourhoods?
  • Supports one of the Neighbourhood Actions?
  • Is free and be open to all (not just members of your group)?
  • Is held between August 15, 2017 - December 31, 2017?
  • Is a one-time event or an activity to be held within one week?

Is your group able to:

  • Have one or two of your group members attend a Pitch & Advice Meeting at Neighbourhood Table to share your event idea (check back April 26 for details)?
  • Sign-on a local Neighbourhood Planning Table member as your mentor/coach?

Click here for the list of eligible neighbourhoods.

How do I apply?

Grant Decision Made by Local Residents

The online eligibility assessment will be reviewed by City Staff to confirm eligibility. Projects that meets the eligibility requirement will be reviewed and recommended by a panel of local residents.

Thank you!

We want to thank our grant advisors - staff from the small group of community organizations - for their time and invaluable insights that contributed to the design of the new Neighbourhood Micro Grant program!