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TTC - Ridership Revenues

See "TTC Ridership Revenues Summary Readme" File

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) tracks the number of riders on its system along with the revenues that result from these rides.The TTC shares this data quarterly with the City Manager's Office, which is made available through Toronto's Progress Portal. A CSV file can be exported directly through Toronto's Progress Portal.

Note: TTC reports information based on their financial periods not calendar months. They follow a 4 week, 4 week and 5 week schedule; as a result, periods 3, 6 and 9 will always have higher ridership due to the presence of 5 weeks instead of 4. Depending on the annual calendar, Period 1 and 12 can have between 28 and 35 days. Free rides for volunteers, athletes and coaches, officials and associated staff and any ticket holders during the Pan Am and Parapan Games (July and August 2015) are not included in these numbers.

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