Private Parking Enforcement Agency (PPEA) Licence

All Private Parking Enforcement Agencies (PPEAs) operating in the City of Toronto require a PPEA licence.   

Changes as of September 1, 2015

  • The definition of a Private Parking Enforcement Agency” will include only those that sell their services for compensation, so that businesses that conduct parking enforcement solely on their properties to ensure their parking facilities are being used only by their patrons, members, employees, or tenants, and are not in the business of selling such services (‘in-house’ agencies), will not require a PPEA licence. 
  • These ‘in-house’ agencies will continue to require certification as Municipal Law Enforcement Officers (MLEOs) under the Toronto Police Service's (TPS) Municipal Law Enforcement (MLE) Program to issue City parking infraction notices and TPS tow cards. 
  • PPEAs will need to file their agreements (within 5 days instead of 10 days following the execution of an agreement) and their listing of properties for which parking enforcement services will be provided, only with the TPS Parking Enforcement Unit. Procedurally, TPS will share the required documents with ML&S. 
  • The by-law will clarify that the only types of documents that may be issued by PPEAs/MLEOs are: warning notices, Parking Infraction Notices under Part II of the Provincial Offences Act, and/or Toronto Police Service Tow Cards. 
  • PPEAs/MLEOs must not restrain or immobilize any vehicle, by placing a boot or attaching any device that prevents the vehicle from being driven. 
  • PPEAs/MLEOs may tow un-plated vehicles, provided that the necessary safety and criminal checks are conducted and approval is received from TPS, prior to removing any vehicle. 
  • The same PPEA/MLEO who issues a parking infraction notice will no longer be required to also issue the tow card for a vehicle to be towed.

How to apply

Applicants must apply in person at the Licence & Permit Issuing Office with the following:

Item Description
Application Fee


Visit www.toronto.ca/mlsfees for more fee information.

Business documents

If business owner is a corporation: Articles of Incorporation; partnerships may need to provide their Partnership Agreement.

If the business is using a business name other than as incorporated, a copy of the provincial business name registration or franchise agreement is required.

Two pieces of government-issued identification Proof of work status, a Canadian Passport or Citizenship Card, Permanent Resident Card, Work Permit, Canadian Birth Certificate. A valid photo ID such as a Driver's Licence, Photo Identification Card, Canadian Passport. Health Cards are not accepted as forms of ID.
Criminal background check A criminal background check for each owner, which may be an individual (sole proprietor), partner (in partnership), officer and director (of a corporation).
Private Parking Enforcement Course

A list of employees who have completed the Private Parking Enforcement Course (Municipal Law Enforcement Program) from the Toronto Police Service

Designated Managers

Partnerships and corporations must provide a list of designated managers.

Serviced properties

A written agreement for properties for which services will be provided. 

Employee list

The applicant must provide a list of employees of the private parking enforcement agency

Letter of signing authority for corporate representatives

If you are applying on behalf of a corporation and are not an officer or director in that corporation, you must provide an original letter of signing authority, along with two pieces of government-issued identification, as described above.

They must also provide two pieces of identification for each officer of the corporation. If the original identification is not available, notarized photocopies are acceptable.

What happens after you apply

Where other division approvals are necessary for a licence or permit to be granted, Municipal Licensing & Standards (ML&S) staff will initiate the approval process once an application is received, and applicants are not required to take any further actions at this stage.  

See the table below for the list of approvals ML&S will seek.

Who City staff will contactWhat they will request
Toronto Building

Zoning approval is required for the majority of new business licence applications. For those businesses in which zoning approval is required, ML&S staff will initiate the approval process after the application is received. Learn more about zoning.

Zoning approval is not required if an applicant it taking over an existing business that has a valid business licence or is expired less than one year prior. A signed lease agreement or proof or property ownership is required.


* If the licence or permit is granted, licensees and/or permit holders will be required to pay an annual renewal fee, listed in the Fees table.

For complete application and operating requirements, visit Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 545, Licensing.

Applicants must also satisfy the Business Licensing Thresholds in Appendix K.

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