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Sun Valley

Sun Valley Path

Historically, the Sun Valley site, located in the Crothers Woods area of the Lower Don Valley watershed, looked much different than it does today. Sun Valley was used as a landfill for many years until its closure in 1965. Beneath the ground, waste is compacted 20 to 25 meters deep throughout the site’s 8.4 hectares. After the landfill was closed, the area was covered over with topsoil and allowed to revert to a naturalized state.

Although the current early stages of Sun Valley’s naturalization resemble a meadow habitat, the ultimate goal is to restore parts of the area to a forest ecosystem. With the help of community volunteers, extensive plantings of native trees and shrubs will assist the natural regeneration of the site. Since 2004, approximately 5000 trees have been planted in Sun Valley. The re-vegetation of Sun Valley will connect it with the adjacent forest of Crothers Woods, which is designated as an Environmentally Significant Area.

The Trail

The Sun Valley trail has been part of several ongoing construction projects in the area including tower renewal by Hydro-One, a new sanitary sewer connecting the North Toronto Sewage Treatment plant to a nearby neighbourhood, a new bridge crossing the Don River and the removal of an old storage shed. The trail was constructed by the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority as part of the ongoing trail management as outlined in the Crothers Woods Trail Management Strategy.

The Sun Valley Trail is 1.3km granular surfaced trail in the heart of Crothers Woods that encircles the old landfill site. The trail is 2.5m wide and classified as a multi-purpose beginner trail with one 100m steep section. Other trails in Crothers Woods are natural surface intermediate trails.

How to Get There

By Car: The Bayview Ave. Trailhead is located at #1115 Bayview Avenue across from Nesbitt Dr. There is no parking at this trailhead or along Bayview Ave.

By TTC: Take the 88 South Leaside bus, which will drop you off at Moore Ave and Bayview Ave. The trail head is approximately 750m south along Bayview Ave.

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