Cedar Ridge Creative CentreKnown for its popular drawing, painting and pottery classes, Cedar Ridge Creative Centre is housed in a historic mansion and adjacent gardener's cottage built in 1912.

Our refurbished pottery studio is located in what was the original carriage house. The Centre is nestled within lush gardens enjoyed by the public and often rented for weddings and special events. Explore the main house and the Cedar Ridge Gallery which exhibits contemporary and classic visual and folk art. The upper floor of the main house and the adjacent carriage house contain working studio spaces where we welcome all ages in our hands-on creative arts programs.

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ExpandAbout Us

The history of Cedar Ridge, originally known as Uplands, dates back to 1844 when the land was patented to James Humphrey. Soon after, passing through a number of hands, it was bought by Charles Carleton Cummings, President of C.C. Cummings Ltd., the Slater Shoe empire and owner/manager of the Lumsden building (named after his wife's wealthy family) at Yonge and Adelaide.

Cummings had a 5,000 square foot summer home built, called Uplands. John Campbell Fraser, a Toronto financier moved into Uplands with his family in 1928 and renamed it Cedar Ridge. The beauty of the original home was retained in the main floor gallery space. The upper floor and basement area were developed into studio spaces. Cedar Ridge Studio Gallery operated the gallery and studios from 1978 to 1985.

The estate of Cedar Ridge was acquired by the City of Scarborough in the late 70's through a land swap with Metropolitan Toronto. The Guildcrest Studios were invited by the City of Scarborough to redirect their fundraising activities to renovate Cedar Ridge, an opportunity to develop a gallery as well as teaching studios. The Cedar Ridge Studio Gallery not for profit organization was formed and their main objective was to successfully operate the gallery and studios as a learning facility for artists, they did this from 1978 to 1984 with the City of Scarborough assuming full management responsibilities in 1985. In 1993 the Cedar Ridge Studio Gallery raised funds to renovate the chauffeur's cottage, garage and stables into a beautiful one of a kind pottery studio space. In 1996 the building was renamed Carriage House Studios and it was officially opened by the Lieutenant Governor, the Honorable Hal Jackman.

ExpandHours and Directions

Hours of Operation

Monday – Thursday, 9 a.m. - 10 p.m.
Friday – Sunday, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Closed on Statutory Holidays

Driving Directions

From 401, exit Markham Road south. Drive south on Markham Road to Lawrence Avenue East. Drive east on Lawrence to Scarborough Golf Club. Drive south to Confederation Drive. Turn left (East) on Confederation Drive. Drive up the hill to Tingle Crescent, and turn right, which takes you to Cedar Ridge's parking lot.

There is ample free parking available at Cedar Ridge. See where we are on Google Maps.

By Transit

From Kennedy Station, take the Scarborough RT to the Lawrence East station. Take the 54 Lawrence East bus Eastbound to Scarborough Golf Club Rd. Walk along Scarborough Golf Club Rd to the second street south of Lawrence – Confederation Drive. Walk up Confederation Drive (East) until you reach Tingle Crescent. At Tingle, turn right and enter through the driveway.


The Cedar Ridge Gallery exhibits emerging and established artists, collectives, and students from Toronto and the surrounding area. The gallery is programmed in partnership with Cedar Ridge Studio Gallery ten months annually with short term exhibitions. The gallery is also a space for Cedar Ridge partners, The Community Arts Guild and The Precious Gems Project to exhibit and run programs.

Permanent Collection

Cedar Ridge Creative Centre houses a special component of the City's Fine Art Collection. The Cedar Ridge Collection is an historical and contemporary record of artists who have taught, exhibited and been supporters of Cedar Ridge. The collection has a representation of each of the mediums taught at Cedar Ridge Creative Centre including: painting, sculpture, pottery, woodcarving, fibre art and folk art. The collection and gallery fixtures have been acquired through the fundraising efforts of Cedar Ridge Studio Gallery.

ExpandOur Partners

Cedar Ridge Creative Centre provides arts education and engagement opportunities for all, enhancing the liveability and prosperity of the community.

We partner with organizations that help us achieve one of our mandates, to offer innovative opportunities for Torontonians in diverse and underserved communities to participate in, contribute to and celebrate the cultural life of their city.

Cedar Ridge Studio Gallery

Cedar Ridge Studio Gallery, a volunteer run not-for-profit organization, was the original founding organization of the Creative Centre – the first public gallery with teaching studios in the east end of Toronto.

Community Arts Guild

Infusing Cedar Ridge and the east Scarborough community with arts activity, the Community Arts Guild connects the surrounding diverse community through art making projects and performances.

Precious Gems Project

The Precious Gems Project offers opportunities for young people to attend camp and after-school programs in the Greater Toronto Area, specializing in self-expression through the arts.

Creative Classes

ExpandRegister for a Cedar Ridge Creative Class

Registration for Cedar Ridge Creative Centre's Classes, workshops and camps in the Spring/Summer Program begins on Sunday, March 5, 2017 at 7:00 a.m., online or by touch tone phone: 416-338-0000.

You will be prompted to provide the following information:

  • client number
  • family number
  • course barcode
  • credit card

To obtain your client and family numbers, please call Customer Service at 416-338-4386 or call the Cedar Ridge Office directly at 416-396-4026. Cedar Ridge will be open during our regular business hours for in-person and telephone registrations.

Cedar Ridge is dedicated to providing timely, accessible and high quality services to all of our clients. Staff will take all reasonable measures to accommodate accessibility needs. Please contact us if you have any special needs requirements.

Please note: Culture facilities (like Cedar Ridge Creative Centre) are excluded from Parks, Forestry and Recreation policies and procedures, including the Welcome Policy.

Program Cancellation

  • On the part of Cedar Ridge: 100% Refund or account credit.
  • Missed classes on the part of the student: make-up classes or account credits will not be provided.
  • Due to emergencies: make-up class provided. If a make-up class is provided, no refunds or account credits will be issued.
  • Inclement weather: make-up class provided. Every effort to contact students will be made. Students are encouraged to call for information. Open studio provided if contact cannot be made in time.
  • Statutory holidays: make-up class provided

Withdrawals, refunds and credits

All registration cancellations/withdrawals must be initiated in writing prior to the start of the program's third class. No refunds or credits will be considered after this date. Withdrawals will be prorated based on the date of the withdrawal, not based on attendance in the program. A $10 administration fee will be deducted per person, per program for all refunds, withdrawals and credits.


Materials are not included in adult course fees. Please inquire at the Cedar Ridge Office or with your instructor for supply lists. Pottery students must purchase clay from Cedar Ridge Creative Centre which includes glazing, firing and technician costs. $35 per bag, cash or cheque only.

ExpandPottery or Clay Sculpture Courses

Classes are taught by William Allen, Keltie Kennedy and Susan Robinson. All students taking Pottery must purchase clay from Cedar Ridge Creative Centre which includes glazing, firing and technician costs. Cash or cheque only.

Pottery: Introduction

This course is for beginners who have little to no pottery experience. Students will become familiar with the pottery studio, and various clay types while working on hand building techniques, stamping and glazing. 

Pottery: Beginner

Students will learn to work with pottery tools and equipment such as the slab roller and study basic wheel techniques. The process of greenware, bisqueware and glazeware from clay to pot will be taught as well as reclaiming techniques. See details for the upcoming course.

Pottery: Intermediate

Students will refine techniques learned in beginner courses, improving on their throwing techniques. They will be introduced to more complex forms and learn to make repetitive shapes. They will gain basic knowledge of the kiln firing process and different application of glazing techniques with increased one-on-one attention. Prerequisite: students must be able to centre, or have taken three beginner sessions, or have a strong familiarity with wheel techniques. See details for the upcoming Monday course and Saturday course.

Pottery: Advanced

Throwing sets and more complex forms, students will explore decoration using basic colour theory and principles of good design, as well as advanced glazing techniques while developing their own style. The program includes a theoretical overview of kilns: loading, how glazes respond scientifically, cones and testing. Prerequisite: must have taken three intermediate sessions and have a strong wheel throwing. 

Intermediate/Advanced Wheel Work

This course focuses on refining wheel throwing techniques through demonstration and individual attention by the instructor. Forms produced from joined wheel thrown parts will be introduced. Students will learn to critique their own forms in order to advance their control of wheel techniques. Prerequisite: must have considerable (min. four advanced sessions) experience with wheel throwing, centering and hand building. 

Sculpture: Beginner

This course is an introduction to the fundamentals of clay sculpture. Each class begins with a short talk and demonstration about ceramic sculpture. Students will be encouraged to practice their talents in clay slab building, modelling figures, creating abstract sculptures, and bringing them to completion with glazing. 

Sculpture: All Levels

This course will guide the beginner students through the basics of ceramic sculpture and challenge the more experienced students to explore their imaginations. Each class begins with a short discussion and demonstration about various aspects of ceramic sculpture. 

Raku Glaze & Fire

See details for the September 13-14 course and September 20-21 course.

Please note: Clay must be purchased from Cedar Ridge for $35. This fee includes glazing, firing and technician costs.

See course times, start dates and barcodes for all pottery courses in the Pottery Course Chart

Expand Drawing, Painting, Portraits, Watercolours and more

Choose from one of the five exciting visual art workshops this season to compliment your art practice at Cedar Ridge. Learn about colour theory or try your hand at stamp carving with our highly trained instructors. Visual arts instructors include Jay Dampf, Sue Ericsson, Pam Erikson, Ted Hamer, Beverley Hulme, Dionne Simpson, Grethe Jensen and Marjan Verstappen.

Drawing Fundamentals: Level 1

Ideal for the beginner artist or those not formally trained in drawing principles. Students will explore a variety of drawing tools and the techniques and effects offered by each through still life, portraiture, figure drawing, abstract and semi-abstract design.

Drawing Fundamentals: Level 2

Students will study linear tone, exploring several varieties of hatching to achieve light and shade and learning basic colour principles. Fluid tone will be introduced using wash. They will be encouraged to develop their personal style. Prerequisite: Level 1, equivalent, or one to two years drawing experience.

Drawing and Painting

Students will expand their working knowledge of drawing and painting through elements of perspective, shape, colour, value and texture. Individual teaching helps students to explore aspects of their preferred media such as pencil, water-soluble oils, acrylic or watercolour.

Bring to first class:

  • Pencil HB, B or 23
  • Paper or sketch book
  • Further instructions will be given in class
  • Cost of supplies will vary depending on medium using, upwards from $30.00

Drawing and Painting: Beginner/Intermediate

This course will teach students how to stretch and prepare canvas for various wet and dry mediums. Students will explore techniques including rubber stamping, image transfers and collage techniques to tell stories through their art.

Intermediate/Advanced Painting

Students will explore urban landscapes using mixed media and a variety of temporary techniques. Students are invited to embed their personal memories and experiences into their work to enhance the environment they are depicting.

Painting & Professional Development

Refine your personal brand and explore your blossoming career as an artist. Students will learn how to apply for exhibitions, grants and residencies while strengthening their existing painting style through critiques and open studio.

Painting with Acrylic & Oil

Students will expand their working knowledge of painting using acrylic or oil. Elements of perspective, shape, colour, value and texture will be examined. Individual teaching helps students to delve into aspects of their preferred media. No solvents.

Bring to first class:

  • Pencil HB, B or 23
  • Paper or sketch book
  • Further instructions will be given in class
  • Cost of supplies will vary depending on medium using, upwards from $30.00

 Pet Portraits

Learn how to draw animals, wildlife and pets. Students will study basic shapes and animal anatomy, and learn techniques for drawing fur and feathers, as well as animal expressions and attitude. Learn how to draw your furry and not so furry friends.

Polymer Clay Sculpture: Figure & Character

This class will teach students to sculpt characters, busts and figures in Polymer Clay. Students will learn how to design and build armatures. Other topics will include tooling, smoothing and baking the clay.

Portrait Drawing

Students will develop an understanding of portraiture and learn to draw the human portrait using photographs and direct observation. Studies of human features will strengthen understanding of these forms. Composition, lighting, tone and shadow will be explored. Beginner to Intermediate level.

Watercolours: All Levels

A course for everyone: if you are a beginner you will be guided on an individual basis, if you are experienced you will work on more advanced level projects. This course is organized thematically with weekly demonstrations and individual critiques.

Suggested materials list

Watercolours: Beginner

This course will cover techniques in watercolour as well as the study of composition, value, colour and negative painting through various exercises and painting problems.

Suggested materials list

Watercolours: Intermediate

Students will develop critical with experimenting with painting wet-in-wet, pouring colour, doing multiple washes and learning to develop brush work techniques.

Suggested materials list

Wildlife Art

Students learn to develop the drawing and painting techniques necessary to render their favourite animals – how to capture form, mood, movement and texture in an animal.

Bring to first class:

  • Pencil HB, B or 23
  • Paper or sketch book
  • Further instructions will be given in class
  • Cost of supplies will vary depending on medium using, upwards from $30.00

Workshop: Botanical Illustration

Perfect for gardeners, plant enthusiasts, and anyone wanting to improve their observational skills. Learn about the rich history of botanical illustration, and how it contributed to specific methods of identifying and recording plants. Grow as an artist by developing a range of painting and drawing techniques.

Workshop: Just Do It! Contemporary Experimental Painting

This acrylic painting class encourages participants to experiment and explore, to let go of rules and inhibitions. A variety of exercises will inspire participants to play and to find their own personal style, while experimenting with colour theory, value contrasts, and composition. Students will also be encouraged to try unusual surfaces, materials, tools and processes. The course is suitable for enthusiastic beginners and current artists. The session is upbeat with ongoing group and individual feedback.

Workshop: Texture, Depth and Tone: Focus on Still Life

The difficult parts of painting and drawing all in one course. Learn to observe texture like a master and improve your skills at drawing and painting unusual lighting effects. Learn to realistically draw and paint shiny/reflective surfaces, get some practice painting liquids, crystal and food. Perfect for beginners and experienced painters wanting to brush up on challenging realistic techniques.

Intaglio: Beginner/Intermediate

See details of the upcoming course.

Find out times, start dates and course codes for all Visual Arts Classes and Workshops at our Visual Arts Course & Workshop Chart

ExpandWeaving and Fibre Arts

Weaving & Fibre Arts are instructed by Michelle Kortinen. Other fibre arts classes only available in non-instructional Open Studio format.

Students will be welcomed into a multi-level weaving environment where they will begin by learning basic weaving skills and can continue to advance at their own pace. At the beginner level students will learn all the basic skills: winding the warp, dressing the loom, basic weave structures, finishing techniques, terminology, loom descriptions and reading weaving patterns. The first project will be a set of place mats. Materials will be provided by the instructor for $20. Loom rental fee of $30 for all students to be paid in the main office, cash or cheque only.

Find out fees, times, start dates, and course codes at the Fibre Arts Course Chart,

ExpandChildren & Youth Arts Programs

All About Art (7-10 years)

Children will explore various techniques of sketching, acrylic painting and some three-dimensional media. This course will stress fundamental skills while encouraging creative expression.

Cartooning (8-13 years)

Cartooning allows students to combine their love of drawing with storytelling. This course focuses on the knowledge and skills required to create a comic book with original cartoon characters, from storyboard to finished product. Other projects include, comic strips, character study sheets, poster art and seasonal cartoons. Through exposure to a variety of media and cartooning styles, from Marvel to manga, students find self-expression and artistic growth.

Creative Clay (7-10 & 11-13 years)

Children will explore the possibilities of working with clay. Basic pottery techniques such as pinching, coiling, slab and glazing are introduced. Projects are designed to stimulate the imagination, as well as to develop pottery skills.

Exploring Arts Media (6-10 years)

Students will become familiar with different media while producing fine art projects and some unique crafts. The participants will have the opportunity to expand their creativity in a happy welcoming environment. The projects will vary on a weekly or bi-weekly basis over the 10-week session.

Illustration (9-13 years)

Students will engage with projects based on real world applications for illustration, such as videogame and movie concept art and book illustration. Students will be given the freedom to explore a variety of media and techniques as they learn about illustration and discover their own creative voice.

Paint Like the Masters (7-13 years)

Each week students learn about the life and work of a different world famous artist. Students then create their own masterpiece inspired by that week's artist of study. Art history and different art techniques enrich students' understanding and appreciation of art.

Photography In Focus (9-13 years)

This introductory hands-on course in digital photography will allow students to develop their understanding and use of their digital camera. Each class will build on the skills from the previous week, taking steps to improve compositions and training students' eyes to see the details. Cameras provided or bring your own.

Pottery Mixed Media (7-10 & 11-13 years)

NEW! Students aged 7-10 and 11-13 will become familiar with different media while producing a clay based fine art project.

Sketch 2 Draw (8-13 years)

Students will learn how to capture the essence of a subject in a sketch and how to use sketching as the basis for a drawing. Projects, created in a variety of media, will include: portraiture, nature studies, landscape, cartooning and text art. Drawings will be brought to life through value, line, contrast, linear perspective and foreshortening.

The Art of Animation (8-13 years)

Students will learn elements and techniques of stop-motion animation and filmmaking, such as storyboarding and set design/construction. Students will employ these skills when creating their own animations, complete with original characters and sets.

Young Painters' Studio (7-12 years)

Children will learn various styles, such as abstract, impressionism and realism using acrylic, watercolour and ink, on a variety of surfaces. Projects will range from portraits to still life, encouraging self-expression and experimentation balanced with the development of technical and compositional skills.

Holiday Family Workshop (5+)

Celebrate the holiday season in an old-fashioned way by creating real mini marshmallow Snowmen or Santa wall hangers, mini pine cone holiday trees decorated for the season and eye-catching Santa face tree decorations composed of real shells. Creating these delightful holiday additions will put you in the spirit.

Children & Youth Arts Programs instructors are Kim Carson, Margaret Chown, Marilyn Fernandes, Jennifer Fryer, Alicia Harris and Keltie Kennedy.

Find out course codes, start dates, fees at the Children & Youth Programs Course Chart.

ExpandOpen Studio

Artists with previous experience are welcome to join our open studio concept. Come out and paint, sculpt, spin, weave or carve for 10 weeks in a non-instructional, friendly working atmosphere.

*Pottery and Weaving Open Studios: Students currently enrolled in any intermediate/advanced pottery, sculpture, or weaving class at Cedar Ridge Creative Centre are invited to register for pottery open studio. Open studio is not suitable for beginners. Cedar Ridge reserves the right to withdraw any registrants for open studios who do not meet the above requirements.

Clay must be purchased at Cedar Ridge. The $35 clay fee includes glazing, firing, and technician fees.

Find out about Open Studio codes, start dates and fees at the Open Studio Course Chart.