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In January 2014, City Council considered the report Impacts from the December 2013 Extreme Weather Event on the City of Toronto and requested the City Manager, in consultation with Agencies and Corporations, including Toronto Hydro, to review the City's emergency response to the storm and develop recommendations to improve the management of future emergency events.

A review was initiated by City staff to evaluate the City's response to the December 2013 ice storm including co-ordination between City divisions, Agencies and Corporations. The City's process is separate and distinct from the review process initiated by Toronto Hydro.

On April 1, 2 and 3, 2014, City Council adopted the report December 2013 Extreme Winter Storm Event - Provincial Funding Request and Structure of Comprehensive Reviews, outlining the public consultation process. The City asked residents for their feedback on the City's response to the December 2013 ice storm and provided residents with an opportunity to identify issues and propose recommendations to improve the City's response to future emergency events. 

For more background information, you can also review a list of recent City Council documents and reports related to weather emergencies.

Public Consultation

This consultation included a number of ways for the public to share their input on how the City can respond to future storms and emergency events. The consultation closed on Friday May 30th. Thank you to everyone who participated, giving us their time, energy, and ideas.

The public was encouraged to share their feedback with the City by completing a feedback form, available online in 11 languages and in hard copy, including large print, from May 9th to May 30th, or by attending a public consultation session. Sessions were held at City Hall, Scarborough Civic Centre, Etobicoke Civic Centre and North York Civic Centre during the week of May 12, 2014.  Sessions included displays and information from the City's programs and service areas that are involved in emergency management, as well as a number of external partners.

You can view a copy of the presentation given by staff at our events. The question and answer session and small group discussion followed the presentation. 

Results and Report

City Council considered the City Manager report on the outcomes of the City's review – including this public consultation – at its July 8 & 9, 2014 meeting and made a number of recommendations for action by City staff. The City Manager's report can be found here, and the report summarizing the City's public consultations is available here. The raw data from the public consultation is available and can be accessed here:

  • Comments from Participants at Events  WordPDF 
  • Email & Phone Calls Word / PDF
  • Weatherproof TO Complete Feedback Form data Excel spreadsheet
  • Weatherproof TO Facilitator Notes, All Sessions Excel spreadsheet
  • Input gathered at consultations coordinated by City Councillors: 
    • Letter to City Manager from Councillor Sarah Doucette – PDF
    • Summary of Ward 33 Extreme Weather Consultation hosted by Councillor Shelly Carroll – PDF

Comments on the City Manager's report may be submitted to the City Clerk for inclusion in the City Council agenda using the Submit Comments button located at the top of the City Manager's report web page. All comments submitted to the City Clerk will form part of the public record on the agenda and minutes of City Council for this report. Comments on the City Manager's report should be submitted to the City Clerk on or prior to July 8, 2014.   

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