Partnership to Advance Youth Employment (PAYE)

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Elza's PAYE Story

When describing her experience with PAYE, Elza says "Some call it an opportunity, but I call it a miracle".

Elza's start in Canada was not easy; as a newcomer, employment opportunities were scarce. Through PAYE, Elza learned how to write a resumé and prepare for interviews, both essential skills for attracting employers and eventually obtaining a job.

Through the PAYE Learning and Networking Forum, Elza was given the chance to meet with various employers seeking new employees. After the PAYE Interview Event, she landed her first Canadian job at a financial institution as a Content Verification Clerk where she developed the basic skills and experience for her current job.

Today, Elza works as a Business Analyst within a financial organization for business services.

"Not only did this program give me an opportunity, it gave me hope – hope to succeed in everything I do!"

Elza credits her success and confidence to PAYE and feels thankful to be working for an organization that took a chance on her. She encourages all those who are in similar situations to keep believing in themselves no matter the obstacle and to never give up.


"The opportunities will come, and when they do, take full advantage of them."


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