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Toronto's Emergency Plan

Toronto Emergency Plan

With a comprehensive Emergency Plan (PDF) in place, the City of Toronto is prepared to effectively handle all emergencies. The Emergency Plan details the methods in which the City mobilizes its resources during a crisis and ensures all City organizations, emergency response services, and key agencies are fully aware of their respective roles and responsibilities during an emergency. The goal is to respond and reduce the impact of a public emergency and restore the municipality to a normal state as soon as possible.

For example: In the Ice storm of 2013, much of the City found itself without power. Many citizens found it difficult to stay in their residences and turned to the City for assistance. By activating our Emergency Plan and calling upon City Services and Agencies, the City was able to open 13 Reception Centres where people could get warmth, food and refreshments and information regarding the storm.

The Basic Plan outlines how City agencies will respond to, recover from, and mitigate the impact of a disaster. The Basic Plan contains sections that describe legal authorities, planning assumptions, concept of operations, operational life cycle, agency responsibilities, and the preparedness cycle.

Emergency Support Functions

Emergency Support Functions (ESFs) are supporting documents to the Emergency Plan and are updated on a regular basis. They contain the structure and framework for integrated support by lead and supporting agencies to respond to emergencies. The ESFs can be stand-alone documents or grouped depending on the nature of the emergency.

Risk Specific Plans

Risk-Specific Plans are also supporting documents to the Emergency Plan.  They contain specific response plans for hazards that may pose a threat to the City of Toronto.  These Plans reflect the City’s Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA).

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