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The Ontario Municipal Board has directed the City of Toronto to post on the internet the appeal letters as received by the City of Toronto.  The City is posting these letters in response to this direction and for the convenience of the persons interested in the appeals of Zoning By-law 569-2013 and for no other purpose. The posting of the appeal letters does not constitute an admission by the City of Toronto that any appeal listed therein constitutes a proper appeal or that the City of Toronto agrees with any of the content within a letter of appeal. The City of Toronto expressly retains all rights to oppose any and all appeals, including the jurisdiction of any appellant to launch any appeal.


It is the obligation of any interested person to satisfy themselves of the contents of any appeal. Any person wishing to obtain more information with respect to any appeal is directed to attend at the Ontario Municipal Board offices and make the appropriate enquires.


The Ontario Municipal Board has also directed the City of Toronto to post on the internet information on the proposed requests for Party Status, email addresses for the appellants or their agents, a summary table of the sections of the by-law being appealed, amendments to by-law 569-2013 passed since May 9, 2013, and an office consolidation By-law 569-2013 with the status of the enacted amendments.  Again, these materials are being posted in response to the Ontario Municipal Board direction and for the convenience of interested persons and for no other reason.


Any person downloading or referencing the posted material does so at their own risk and should verify the accuracy of the information themselves.

June 2015 Update

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January 4, 2015 Pre-hearing - Annotated By-law

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