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Parking Lot Facilities

This dataset includes data on parking lots operated by the City of Toronto PF&R Division. Parking lots are located in parks or on the building grounds of community centres, schools, pool buildings, etc. These buildings or parks are considered parent assets of parking lots and listed in 'Park Name' column.
A parking lot has certain number of spaces including handicap spots. Every parking lot is identified by (X, Y) GIS coordinate. Parking lots may be private, open for public, or used by members/staff only.

Thus, parking lot information you'll find in this dataset is the following:
•    Parking Lot Asset ID
•    Park Name
•    Parking Spaces
•    Handicap Parking Spaces
•    GIS Coordinates
•    Access


  1. The source of the data is the City of Toronto Parks, Forestry & Recreation Asset Management System. Dataset has gone through necessary inter-divisional validation and on-site validation with parks supervisors.
  1. The dataset contains information about parking lots operated by Parks, Forestry, and Recreation Division of the City of Toronto. All other City-owned parking lots (either public, or private) are out of scope of this dataset. Valid date range of the data: 2013 - 2015. Data is currently going through additional validation process, estimated to be completed at the end of 2016. Some facilities or some values may be missing from the dataset. These will be added after data is captured by the validation team. As per the end of the validation, additional refresh of the data is planned.

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