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The Heritage Preservation Services section of the City Planning Division is responsible for advising and assisting City Council, the Toronto Preservation Board, the community and property owners on the conservation of the City's heritage resources. This involves advising on matters relating to the Ontario Heritage Act, reviewing and advising on development proposals which may affect heritage resources, monitoring and the maintenance of heritage sites, developing heritage policies, administering financial assistance programs and providing educational services. 

Heritage Preservation Services assists City Council by:

  • Conducting research on the historical and architectural significance of properties and districts; (see Research Techniques) 
  • Recommending the inclusion of properties worthy of designation in the City of Toronto's Heritage Register; 
  • Recommending designation under the Ontario Heritage Act that provides a measure of protection for heritage properties; 
  • Recommending that the City enter into Heritage Easement Agreements with property owners to ensure long term preservation; 
  • Advising owners and their consultants on proposed alterations to listed and designated properties; 
  • Making recommendations on those alterations to ensure they maintain the architectural integrity of the building, and on potential demolitions to attempt to prevent the loss of heritage buildings; 
  • Advising on archaeological assessments; and 
  • Defending Council's position before judicial tribunals such as the Ontario Municipal Board and the Conservation Review Board.