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2016 Annual Report - Message from the City Clerk

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Transformation as culture - anticipating, recognizing and adjusting to the challenges before us

In 2016 the City Clerk’s Office continued on the path of transformation that is underway throughout City government. Within our office, change is built on a solid foundation of shared values and strategic directions that support us in our mission of building public trust and confidence in local government.

We delivered a record-breaking five by-elections and planned a sixth in seven months, demonstrating our culture of adaptability and flexibility to meet unexpected demands. We helped shape the new provincial Municipal Elections Act. We also stepped up our commitment to continuous learning and improvement. Internally, we took bold steps to reshape and modernize our services to meet changing needs and improve service delivery.

A major part of our success is attributable to the dedication and innovative spirit of all City Clerk’s Office staff. Our strong leadership team and highly skilled front line staff have enabled us to meet changing needs and position ourselves for the future.

Transformation has become a core part of our culture and will accelerate in the coming years. We understand that we need more than small improvements and adaptations to meet the evolving expectations and increasing demands of an ever-changing city.

This annual report describes the transformation and successes of the City Clerk’s Office in 2016 and provides a look at the challenges facing us as we continue to change while preparing for an election in 2018.

Ulli S. Watkiss, City Clerk