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Street Occupation

Application Information

You will require a street occupation permit prior to starting a demolition, renovation and/or construction project if you are planning to temporarily occupy any portion of the public right of way (the area beyond your property line, i.e. boulevard, sidewalk, roadway or public lane) with any of the following equipment or material:

  • Disposal bin in roadway or public laneway
  • Disposal bin and drop chutes
  • Storage of materials and equipment
  • Moving containers
  • Walk-through/staging scaffold, plywood hoarding or covered-walkway
  • Operation of cherry picker, backhoe, fork lift,
    scissor lift, zoom boom etc.
  • Hoisting with mobile crane or boom truck
  • Hoisting by means of a tower crane/helicopter
  • Swinging of boom and counterweight of tower crane including flying of forms
  • Roof hoist
  • Pumping of concrete and concrete mixer
  • Storage of trailer
  • De-watering hose across sidewalk
  • Chemical cleaning or sand blasting
  • Swing stages
  • Rope, tackle and/or ladders
  • Temporary asphalt access ramp into construction

A permit is not required to place a disposal bin on the City boulevard (front lawn) provided you maintain 0.5 metres set back from the rear edge of the City sidewalk and work is on-going.

Where work involves the obstruction of pedestrian and/or vehicular traffic, you may be required to have a Qualified Traffic Control Person(s) or a Police Officer(s) to direct traffic. Please contact us first.

For demolition, construction and renovation projects, you are required to provide confirmation that a permit has been obtained from Urban Development Services prior to the issuance of the Street Occupation Permit.

It is the responsibility of the contractor/owner to ensure that the roadways, sidewalks and public laneways are kept clean of mud/dirt as well as the removal of snow and ice from the City sidewalk during the winter months.

Most permits may be obtained upon review of the applicable Municipal Codes and/or a site inspection. However, some uses of the street allowance (i.e. for a tower crane, extensive hoarding or road closures) require the submission of an application. To find out if an application is required, please contact us.

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Street Occupation Application Requirements

Submission of a Permit Application may be required, depending on the use of the right of way. Contact us for more information.

If your project requires an application, 4 copies of the site plans must be submitted for review. The plans must meet the specifications outlined below:

  • Drawings must be folded in sets to dimensions of 21cm x 28 cm (8 1/2" x 11") with the title block facing up
  • All plans (in metric) must be drawn to scale, and the scale must be noted on the plan
  • All relevant dimensions (i.e. width of sidewalk, back of sidewalk to street/property lines and to building wall etc.) must be shown
  • Tie in measurements to all above grade installations
  • All street names and municipal addresses must be noted
  • All physical details of the site must be shown i.e. sidewalk, trees, utility/hydro poles, fire hydrants, parking meters. street vendor locations and all street furniture, including bus shelters and publication boxes etc.)
  • North arrow must be shown
  • The location of street/property lines must be noted
  • Your proposal must be clearly indicated

For street, sidewalk and/or public lane closures, a detailed letter outlining how the public right of way is to be used, including the duration of the closure, together with a proposed work schedule, must be submitted with your application.

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Permit fees

Street occupation permit fees are based upon the type of permit required and the duration of the work. Permits must be obtained in person and must be paid for when they are issued. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the fees which must accompany your application.

Payment for a permit can be made by Visa/MasterCard, Interac, cash or cheque. All cheques must be made payable to the Treasurer, City of Toronto.

All fees are subject to an annual inflationary increase based on the City's User Fee Policy and change without prior notice.

Street Occupation Permit Fees
DescriptionDetailsApplication FeePermit FeeAdditional Fee
  • Backhoe
  • Broadcast Unit
  • City Contract
  • Concrete Truck
  • Dewatering Pipe
  • Disposal Bin
  • For Lift
  • Mobile Lift
  • Moving Container
  • Overhead Equipment
  • Photography (Still)
  • Pumping Flours
  • Search Lights
  • Site Trailer
  • Storage of Materials
  $48.58 per day or part thereof + HST   
  • Tower Crane
  • Swing of Boom
  • Hoisting


  $48.58 per day + HST plus lineal & daily enclosure fee Please call 416- 392-6593 for further details

For each additional lane closure

    $117.59 + HST

For full lane closure

    $587.98 + HST
Site Protection
  • Covered Walkway
  • Hoarding
  • Hoarding with covered
  • walkway
  • Hoarding with
  • scaffolding
  • Scaffolding
  • Street Closure
$538.10 + HST $18.19 per lineal metre for the lifetime of the project 
(+ HST on total LM)
    Temporary occupation portion of sidewalk or boulevard     $6.06 per m2 per month for enclosed portion of the boulevard/sidewalk
(+ HST on total m2)
    Temporary occupation portion of street (roadway)    

Area-based Fee per m2 per month

(+ HST on total m2)

Area AA:   $110.68

Area A  :    $83.02

Area B  :    $62.25

Area C  :    $55.35

Area D  :    $41.51

All other

Areas    :    $27.67

  Signage on Construction Hoarding     $6.93 per lineal metre (+ HST on total LM) 
  Use of space for the display of Construction Hoarding Sign     $5.88 per m2 per month (+ HST)
Temporary asphalt construction access ramp (installed by Contractor)     $149.45 + HST for the lifetime of the project restoration costs
Site Service     $224.18 per month + HST  
Oversize load
  • single trip
  $43.67 per load + HST  
  • annual load
  $262.00 + HST billed through Scarborough office: 416-396-4245

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