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Communique logoCommuniqué

Concise public health e-newsletter updates for physicians, including health alerts, produced at least twice per month.




Doctor's notes logo

Doctor's Notes

Our Medical Officer of Health shares thoughts on current public health issues on this blog, which is update monthly.



co-workers climbing stairs in the work placeHealthy Workplaces

This e-newsletter aims to encourage workplace contacts (human resource professionals, Health & Safety Wellness representative, and Occupational Health & Safety staff) to promote health and wellness in their workplaces.



into Kid's health logoinTOkidshealth

A monthly e-newsletter that provides information on how to keep kids healthy and safe. It is designed for parents, caregivers and health professionals, and covers a variety of seasonal topics including healthy eating, physical activity, parenting, injury prevention, mental wellbeing and more.



pregnancy to parenting logoPregnancy to Parenting

A blog written by health professionals featuring information related to pregnancy, postpartum health, and what to expect in baby's first year.  It covers a variety of topics including prenatal health, nutrition, breastfeeding, emotional health, child development, and parenting tips.



savy diner logoSavvy Diner

Helping you make healthier dining choices! This website provides information on how to make informed choices when dining out. It also provides tools and resources for restaurants to standardize recipes and to become more transparent in their menus for customers. 



welcome to parenting logoWelcome to Parenting

A free online prenatal program for families living in Toronto.  The program includes fun, interactive classes about prenatal care, child development and parenting.