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Former City Councillor A.A. (Adrian) Heaps

Ward 35 Scarborough Southwest

Former City Councillor A.A. (Adrian) HeapsIn his four years as Councillor for the new City of Toronto, Adrian Heaps' motions and policies have helped reshape the City. His visionary philosophy as Chair of the Toronto Cycling Committee restructured and invigorated Toronto's bike plan and put Toronto on the map as a bike friendly city. As Chair of the Olympic Torch relay and City representative for the 2015 Panam Games he defined his entrepreneurship, and results oriented attitude.

Adrian was the first councillor to pass a motion to merge the city's capital and operating budget to increase efficiency, in addition to being responsible for passing policies for protection of funds destined for community projects in individual wards. He has served on Economic Development, Government Management, Budget and Affordable Housing committees where he championed the initial stages of a rent to own program. He has served as Chair of Disabilities Issues for Toronto and was part of the hiring committee to hire the new Integrity Commissioner and Lobbyist Registrar for the City. His impassioned council speeches and ensuing motions have resulted in over 34 motions passed in a mere four years.

In his ward, Adrian transformed a standard community centre into the most environmentally advanced public building in the history of the city, built community gardens, established a network of neighbourhood associations, and created a model for other future councillors to follow.

With principles and integrity as his guiding light, Adrian Heaps' accomplishments will benefit the citizens and constituents of Ward 35 for years to come.

Adrian still makes Scarborough his home and will always be an advocate for advancing the quality of life in our society.