Toronto Green Standard

170 Sumach Street


This Toronto Green Standard Tier 2 and LEED® Gold Canada Candidate building includes:

Bike Storage
Designated and secure bicycle storage areas.

Electrical Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
Capacity to support 200 charging stations.

Green Roof
Combating the urban heat island effect, the various green roof areas at One Park Place will also contribute to managing stormwater and increasing biodiversity in the area.

Rooftop Garden Plots
picture of rooftop gardens at 170 sumach streetGardening doesn’t simply provide a more environmentally sustainable way to feed cities, it also bring residents closer together to establish a deeper sense of community and helps people feel more connected to the earth. Daniels brings their pioneering vision in urban agriculture to One Park Place with the implementation of 35 gardening plots and monthly urban agriculture seminars for residents to make the most of this unique amenity.

Regent Park District Energy
One Park Place is tapped in to The Regent Park Central Energy System which generates heating and cooling for all buildings within Regent Park.

Rainwater Harvesting
15m3 tank
A cistern collects water on rainy days and stores the water for future use. The landscaping at One Park Place will be irrigated using this harvested rainwater.

Water Efficient Fixtures and Fittings
40% better than OBC standards
Each suite features water efficient plumbing fixtures (showerhead, toilet, lavatory faucet, kitchen faucet) to reduce water consumption and save money.

Construction Waste Diversion
90% Diverted
One Park Place reduced the amount of construction waste it sent to landfill by implementing a construction waste management plan and working with waste haulers to divert more than 90% of waste construction materials.

HRVs, Fan Coils and Improved Air Quality
Each suite is uniquely enhanced with a heat recovery ventilator (HRV). Suites at One Park Place bring fresh outside air directly into the suite through the HRV, whereas typical condominiums receive corridor air from under the entry door. The HRV delivers and circulates that fresh air throughout the suites for improved ventilation and living comfort.

Recycled Materials 
Greater than 15% of materials used in One Park Place were recycled.

Multi-Shoot Recycling 
At One Park Place every floor is equipped with chutes for collection of organics, recycling and garbage.



All-Off Switch
Each suite is equipped with an all-off switch at the main entrance to easily turn off all fixed overhead lighting upon exiting the suite.

Efficient Lighting
Each suite is equipped with compact fluorescent lights. These lights last up to 10 times longer and consume less than one quarter of the energy compared to their incandescent counterparts.

ENERGY STAR® Appliances
All suites and amenity areas feature ENERGY STAR®-qualified appliances, which consume ~30% less energy than non-qualified products.

Programmable Thermostat
The fully programmable thermostat enables control of the temperature and airflow in your suite. The thermostat allows homeowners to set the temperature to their comfort level when home and adjust for increased energy savings when out of the suite over a 7 day schedule.

Sub-metering Utilities
Each suite’s electricity is individually metered, ensuring that homeowners only pay for their in-suite consumption.