Integrated Services

children with disabiities and a City worker outdoors in a park

Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation promotes and encourages people with disabilities (i.e. physical, developmental/intellectual, learning, medical, mental health, blindness or visual impairment, deaf, deafened or heard of hearing), to participate in a wide variety of activities offered throughout the city. Our objective is to facilitate meaningful participation of people of varying abilities in the community activities of their choice.

Integrated Services

Integrated services are offered so that participants with disabilities may choose to join general programs for the mutual benefit of experiencing recreational interests together with other participants.

Special needs support staff assist individuals who have a special need and / or a disability. To utilize this service, families need to contact Adapted Programs and Integrated Services. Special needs support staff is a limited resource. It is available in a 1:1 /1:2 or 1:3 ratio:

  • on a first come, first serve basis; and
  • for up to a maximum of two weeks per child at designated summer camps.
  • for one recreation program during Fall, Winter and Spring.

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