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Municipal Licensing and Standards - Toronto Animal Shelter Activity

Toronto Animal Services (TAS) operates four Animal Centres and is responsible for sheltering animals that are lost or surrendered by owners or animals that are available for adoption to new homes. This dataset contains Shelter Activity statistics for the four TAS shelters. Toronto Animal Services also provides a 24 hour emergency response to calls for animals that are injured, in distress or are jeopardizing the safety of the public. Public education programs are available with a focus on dog bite prevention to school-aged children. Toronto Animal Services offers cat sterilizations at our spay/neuter clinics in an effort to reduce the number of unwanted pets. Animal Services promotes responsible pet ownership through the enforcement of the Municipal Code, Chapter 349 and other animal related laws.


The reports contain data for only the shelters that Toronto Animal Services directly operates. In 2011, TAS began to track the animals Transferred In from other agencies.

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