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Printed maps are free and available at Civic Centres, libraries, community centres and bicycle specialty shops.

How to use the cycling map

The Toronto Cycling Map shows bike lanes, shared roadways, signed bicycle routes and multi-use trails.  Be prepared to make your own evaluation of traffic and road conditions and plan routes appropriate to your riding skills and comfort level. Users of the Toronto Cycling Map bear full responsibility for their own safety.

Users of this map bear full responsibility for their own safety

The designation of a street on the map as a bicycle lane, route or pathway does not necessarily guarantee any minimum width, facility surface quality, or traffic condition. Cyclists must use these streets with the same caution they would use when riding on similar streets that have not been so designated. All routes should be evaluated by each individual cyclist based on their level of experience, comfort level in cycling in traffic, weather conditions, time of day, and any road obstacles, whether temporary or permanent, such as construction or potholes. This map is not intended as a guide for children. The City is not responsible for any unforeseeable offences committed by third parties, which may cause a hazard to cyclists.

Thank you for choosing to ride a bicycle!

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