Kensington Market Entrance

Beautiful streets...ours to share

Beauty is essential in building a prosperous, safe and liveable Toronto.

Public Realm Section - Beautiful Streets programs successfully renew public spaces with the participation of everyone who lives and works here. We work together with communities to improve and beautify city streets and to improve paths, roadways, park entrances and community spaces, we encourage citizens, particularly young people, to develop practical skills, leadership and civic responsibility.

University Avenue Triangle Revitalization

About us

The Public Realm Section - Beautiful Streets gives Torontonians increased pride in our city. It challenges everyone to look at how day-to-day decisions affect the way the city looks and to do all we can to ensure that those decisions contribute to the city’s appearance in a positive way.

Sword Street Boulevard Transformation

Get involved

Building partnerships is one of our key successes and we always look forward to hearing from groups and individuals who would like to share their expertise, resources and ideas to improve our city.