Allan Gardens Conservatory

What Visitors Are Saying

"A conservation for both plants and our childhood. I remember running through these narrow paths, trying to look at everything twice, just in case I missed it the first time. The plants may have changed, but not the peace I feel as I walk through my memories. Thank you for holding onto what many seem to overlook, the beauty of life. I always stop to smell the roses."

"What a wonderful oasis of beauty, calm and fresh scents!"

"I have lived in Toronto now for 19 years and Allan Gardens remains one of my most personal secrets. I am in love with her! Thanks a million."

"What a beautiful oasis of colour and life in the midst of all the noise and concrete of the city. Thanks for the opportunity to refresh the mind and soul!"

"Lost someone very special this weekend and came here looking for peace and comfort. I found it! Thank you for enriching our lives with this beautiful space."

"A beautiful oasis of calm and beauty- so well nurtured and changing with the seasons. I come often to refresh my soul!"

"Although I pass by this garden every day to go to U of T, I never come inside and visit this great historical and fantastic place. It reminds me of my little African village, particularly the tree from Madagascar is unbelievable. Great respect to the people who contribute to this garden."

"Thank you for the solitude within the hectic city. Beautiful and inspiring."

"I watched an elderly woman sketching a cactus here today. It inspired me like nothing has in quite a while. Thanks you for keeping this place alive."

"This is our Christmas Eve tradition. Every year we come here as a family. I can't believe it's been over 30 years now!"