Drinking Water

The City of Toronto provides clean, safe drinking water that is continuously tested from where the raw water enters our treatment plants to production, distribution and our taps. 

Standards for drinking water quality are set and legally enforced by the Ontario Drinking Water Standards. The regulation, which focuses on treatment and testing, mandates public access to information and notification of adverse results.

When you turn on your tap for a glass of cold, clean water, be assured that you can do so with complete confidence.

About our High Quality Drinking Water

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Water Quality

Learn more about our rigorous quality control efforts, which include regular sampling, testing and reporting.


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Water Supply

Toronto's supply system is an elaborate network of treatment plants, pumping stations, storage facilities, underground pipes and more.  

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Water Treatment

How Toronto filters clean, safe drinking water for distribution across Toronto.  

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Be Cautious of Door-to-Door Sales or Water Testing