Art Program Descriptions

Get in touch with your creative side!

Explore and discover your artistic self! A wide range of recreational arts programs are offered for every age group including – visual arts, music, dance, performing arts, crafts and workshops. Our arts programs provide an opportunity for you to explore and develop new and existing skills, to develop an appreciation for the arts and to cultivate your imagination.


There are an incredible variety of craft classes to be experienced. The majority of craft classes require no previous experience, simply a desire to learn, socialize and have fun. Each location has its own instructors that provide expert guidance and direction in a given craft. Participants may be expected to provide some and/or all required materials.


Dance programs offer a variety of styles at all ages and skill levels. Choose from traditional dances such as jazz, ballet, hip hop and line dance or non-traditional dances such as Salsa and Latin to name a few. Beginner classes will allow participants to learn introductory dance steps. Intermediate classes have participants who have already mastered the basic dance steps and now want to learn more challenging steps to enhance their skills and technique. Instructors can assist you in determining your dance level. Culturally specific dance programs are open to participants of all levels of ability.

Performing Arts

Performing arts programs offer participants an opportunity to learn performing techniques in a group setting. Registrants will learn through a variety of exercises and class situations how to control stage fright, build confidence and voice projection.


Our instructional music programs introduce participants to basic theories that include reading musical notation and keeping time. Registered participants will be able to choose instruction in a variety of instruments including, but not limited to, guitar, piano, drums and vocal. Students may be expected to bring their own instruments where indicated. Our beginner music classes use basic approaches that are appropriate for all ages.

The intermediate or drop-in jam programs require participants to have their own instruments and a minimum of beginner experience. These students will continue to improve their skills and work on more challenging pieces of music.

Visual Arts

Visual arts programs offer the participant of any skill level, an opportunity to learn new techniques or mediums. These classes provide the necessary foundation of skills that will assist the participant to progress to use colour or more advanced drawing techniques. Basic painting classes introduce the artist to colour and its variety of forms such as acrylic, watercolour and traditional oils to conte, pencil crayon and pastels. All intermediate and advanced programs allow the more experienced artist to focus on an area of interest.


The City provides countless opportunities to experience seasonal, holiday or special interest workshops for all ages and abilities. Some workshops can be as quick as a couple of hours or others may require a few days to complete. Workshops generally focus on a certain theme and the participants leave the program with a completed project. Participants may be expected to provide some and/or all required materials.

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