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  • 20/20-the Way to Clean Air
    • A tool designed to walk you through a two-stage approach to saving energy at home and on the road. This practical guide will start you off with some easy-to-do activities and move you into longer-term, greater cost savings actions.
  • Canada Green Building Council
    • The Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) accelerates the design and construction of green buildings in Canada. The Council is a broad-based inclusive coalition of representatives from different segments of the design and building industry; and is responsible for the development and implementation of the LEED construction standards in Canada.
  • City Planning's Green Development Standard
    • The Toronto Green Development Standard provides an integrated set of targets, principles, and practices to guide the development of City-owned facilities and to encourage sustainable development amongst the private sector. The Toronto Green Development Standard was created from a review of City guidelines and targets, popular private rating systems and the experiences of cities from around the world.
  • Directory of Energy Efficiency Grants and Incentives
    • Natural Resources Canada maintains a Directory of Energy Efficiency and Alternative Energy Programs in Canada. Search the directory to learn more about grants, rebates and financial incentives that may be available for homeowners and homebuyers in Toronto and across Canada.
  • Ontario Ministry of the Environment
    • The Ministry of the Environment Website contains information for both homeowners and businesses about how they can help protect the natural environment. This includes ways to ensure that your home, building, or lifestyle can lead to cleaner air, land and water.
  • Ontario Ministry of Energy
    • The Ministry of Energy Website contains information on: energy conservation in your home or business; energy efficient lighting and other appliances; information on 'smart' metres; as well as, information on renewable energy generation methods and incentive programs.
  • Toronto Hydro
    • The Toronto Hydro Website contains information on many local programs that can help reduce energy consumption in your home or workplace. Programs such as the 'Peaksaver' program for air conditioning; and, 'The Great fridge Round-up' are detailed here.

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