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Former City Councillor Bruce Sinclair

Ward 5 Rexdale Thistletown

Former City Councillor Bruce SinclairBruce Sinclair holds a BA in business administration and a master of education degree. Before joining the public sector, Councillor Sinclair was employed by Bell Gouinlock Ltd. (municipal finance). He later worked in the Etobicoke education system as math teacher, counsellor and consultant.

As a member of Metro Council and mayor of the City of Etobicoke, Councillor Sinclair served on a variety of agencies, boards and commissions including the Social Services and Housing Committee, the Water Pollution Committee, the Etobicoke Hydro Commission, the Etobicoke Historical Board, the Children's Aid Society Board, the Metro Waterfront Committee and the Metro Toronto and Region Conservation Authority.

Councillor Sinclair was a director of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario, and served on the Provincial-Municipal Task Force on Overlap and Duplication in Government.