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Voluntary Contribution Option

You now have the option to make a voluntary contribution (donation) to support a variety of City of Toronto programs and services. Your donation allows you to make a financial contribution directly towards City programs and services that matter to you.

Residents can make donations in any amount from $1 up to $50,000 in support of the following City services:

Receipts are issued for all contributions over $20. Donation receipts will be issued by Accounting Services Division.

How to Make a Voluntary Contribution

Payments for voluntary contributions may be submitted in the same envelope with your property tax payment. Include a separate cheque for the donation amount, and enclose the completed form that identifies the payment amount and the donor`s name and mailing address information. A receipt for income tax purposes will be mailed to you.

Your voluntary contribution can be delivered to the City in the following ways:

By Mail

Mail your cheque and completed voluntary contribution form to:


Payable to:   Treasurer, City of Toronto

Mail to:          Revenue Services Division
                        Box 2500, Terminal A
                       Toronto, ON M2N 1H2

In Person

At Property Tax Inquiry/Cashier Counters, Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm at the following locations:

Note: Cheque, cash and debit card payments are accepted at the Inquiry/Cashier Counters.

Additional payment options are being explored.

The collection and processing of donations made under the Voluntary Contribution Option conforms to the City's policy surrounding donations: Policy on Donations to the City for Community Benefits

Program History

At its meeting of September 26 and 27, 2011, City Council, in considering item EX10.1: Core Service Review – Final Report to Executive Committee, adopted Recommendation 14 which reads as follows:

14. City Council request the City Manager to report on options to add a voluntary contribution option to future property tax bills so taxpayers who are willing to make a larger contribution to fund City programs can easily do so, and the City Manager, in his consideration of voluntary donations by taxpayers, allow taxpayers to make donations to specific services rather than donations being directed solely to general revenue.

Council's decision on item EX10.1:

This program was approved by City Council at its meeting on November 29, 2011 to December 1, 2011.

Read Council's decision on this item:

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