Parks and Recreation Facilities Master Plan

Facilities Master Plan Update July 2016

Update 6 | July 2016

The project is progressing according to schedule

Development of the Facilities Master Plan (FMP) involves six phases, with consultation throughout. We are currently doing a needs assessment and gap analysis, which involves taking a close look at factors that affect the use of and need for parks and recreation facilities now and into the future. This includes Toronto's demographics, the location, condition and use of existing facilities, other providers, recreation trends and consultation feedback on facility gaps, needs and priorities.

Facilities Master Plan schedule showing 6 phases extending until spring 2017. Currently the project is in phase 2: Needs assessment and gap analysis

What we heard in our first phase of public/stakeholder consultation

Over 3,500 people gave their input through four public town hall meetings, an online survey, thirteen stakeholder focus groups, an online feedback form, and a Stakeholder Advisory Group. Each activity provided a different type of opportunity for people to get information, interact with the project team and share their views and ideas. This multi-pronged approach was designed to enhance access to engagement and promote broad representation.

The following summaries of what was heard are available on the project website,

The second phase of consultation will launch in fall 2016

Upcoming consultation will focus on getting feedback on the FMP's proposed directions. Our goal is to continue to engage as many people as possible and to ensure that we get feedback from a wide range of people and groups that represent Toronto's diverse communities. Details will be provided in future FMP updates and on the FMP website.

Use our online feedback form to provide feedback at any time

Anyone can provide feedback at any time using our online feedback form. By responding to four broad questions, individuals and groups can provide input on parks and recreation facilities. This feedback will be factored into the plan's development  on an ongoing basis.

Did you know? 

Parks, Forestry and Recreation does a lot of consultation to get feedback on a wide variety of issues. Currently, we have active surveys on recreation registration, summer camps, basketball and more. Visit our "Have Your Say" website to take these surveys, then come back regularly to check out ongoing opportunities to give input on topics that matter to you.