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City of Toronto Condominium Consultation

The City of Toronto has recently consulted with Toronto's condominium occupants.

The purpose of the consultation was to engage with condo residents, condo boards, businesses located in condo buildings, property managers, City staff and others to identify possible changes to City policies as they relate to condo living in Toronto.

The health of Toronto's condo communities is critical to the future health of our city as a whole. With the number of new condos quickly changing the face of Toronto, there's a lively and high profile discussion underway regarding what impact these condos will have/are having on the people living in the condos as well as on the broader city.

The consultation process

Swerhun Facilitation and Decision Support were retained to facilitate the consultation. Their team also included architects, planners and an engineer who specializes in condominium issues to provide technical and policy advice.

The consultation proceeded in two rounds: the first to identify issues, and the second to develop responses to the issues. Each round consisted of a public meeting in each Community Council area and a workshop with Builders and Developers. Reports from each round of meetings are available below.

City Council has considered the staff report on the consultation

At is meeting in July 2014, Toronto City Council considered the staff report on the condo consultation and adopted a series of recommendations for further action.

The City Council decision is available here.

The Staff report is available here.

The consultant's recommendations are now available.

The consultant's final recommendations are now available below:

The City of Toronto has held a second round of public meetings (4 meetings) with condominium occupants.

The second round of meetings were held at the locations below from May 30 to June 5, 2013.  At these meetings, the project team shared draft ideas to respond to issues raised during Phase One of the consultation (conducted in February/March 2013) and then there was facilitated discussion to seek feedback on the draft ideas (e.g. which draft ideas will work well, which may need refinements, any gaps, etc.).

Public Meeting Round 2 - Summary Reports

The reports for the second round of city-wide meetings are available below:

Round 2 - Comprehensive Report

Download the Presentation from the second round of public meetings and Discussion Guide 2

Download the presentation here to review what the project team presented at the second round of meetings.
Discussion Guide 2 is an illustrated four-page guide that helps to organize feedback on the draft ideas presented in the second round of consultation. Download Discussion Guide 2 here and send your feedback and comments to the project team via email at and

Dates and locations for the second round of meetings are below.
All meetings were held from 7-9 p.m.

North York - Thursday, May 30, 2013

Earl Haig Secondary School
100 Princess Ave
(At Yonge and Sheppard - Kenneth Ave and Hillcrest Ave)

Scarborough - Monday, June 3, 2013

Scarborough Civic Centre
150 Borough Dr
(At Ellesmere and McCowan)

Etobicoke - Tuesday, June 4, 2013

All Saints Kingsway
Anglican Church
2850 Bloor St. W
(At Prince Edward Dr and Bloor St. W)

Central - Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Metro Hall
55 John St
(At King St W. and John St)

Download the Discussion Guide

Discussion Guide 1 is an illustrated four-page guide that provides background information on the project and helps to organize the discussion and feedback. Download Discussion Guide 1 here and send your feedback and comments to the project team via email at and

Public Meeting Round 1 - Summary Reports

The reports for the first round of city-wide public meetings are available below.

Downtown Workshop Summary
Scarborough Workshop Summary
Etobicoke Workshop Summary
North York Workshop Summary
Ward 23 Workshop Summary

Round 1 – Comprehensive report
Final Report
Attachments A-D – Discussion Guide, Public Meeting Summaries, Builder & Developer
Attachment E – Survey Results

Summary Presentation - SpringFest 2013

On April 18th, 2013, Peter Moore, Project Manager for the Condo Consultation project, delivered an overview presentation at SpringFest at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The presentation introduced the condo consultation to those in the property management, facility management and building industries, and presented some of the issues identified in the first round of meetings.

We Would Like To Hear From You

Public consultation is an important part of this project. For more information, please contact:


Peter Moore
City Planning, City of Toronto
Tel: 416.392.8806


Bianca Wylie
Independent Facilitator’s Office
Tel: 416.572.4365


Committee Direction

In April 2012, the City of Toronto's Planning and Growth Management Committee requested the Chief Planner and Executive Director, City Planning, to conduct focus groups and public consultation with condominium residents, condominium boards and condominium associations in order to assess and recommend to City Council possible changes to City policies as they relate to condominium development in Toronto.


In 2011 the City of Toronto conducted a survey for residents living downtown and in the centres. The results were published in March 2012 and included rich demographic information regarding condo dwellers as well as some insight into the types of issues they face. A bulletin summarizing the results is available here.

This consultation will focus on identifying and confirming these types of issues, identifying who is responsible for managing them, and working toward identifying solutions. The final outcome of the consultations will be the development of a set of recommendations for consideration by City staff and Council.

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