Featured Projects

Our projects range from large-scale planning and construction of new parks and facilities and the renovation and revitalization of existing, as well as smaller-scale rehabilitation or the creation of new and compact public spaces. Learn more about some of the featured projects taking place near you.

Arial map showing location of proposed Grand Manitoba Park

Grand Manitoba Park – New Park Design

The City of Toronto is about to start the process for a new design and implementation plan for Grand Avenue Park after acquiring additional lands adjacent to the park. The working title for the design of the new park is Grand Manitoba Park.

Satellite image showing boundaries of Humber Bay Park East and West

Humber Bay Parks Project

The City has hired consultants to develop the Humber Bay Parks Master Plan. The vision for Humber Bay Park Masterplan will be one of greater integration between Humber Park East and West, so that the two Park areas will maintain their unique character while considering design and program opportunities to complement one another. 

Satellite image showing boundaries of Humber Bay Park East and West

Humber Bay Shores Park - Trail Improvements

Trails through Humber Bay Shores Park are being improved. The Trail Improvements will occur in two distinct phases. Phase 1 taking place between Spring and Summer of 2017 and Phase 2 taking place between Fall 2017 and Spring 2018.

Proposed design for Traymore Park playground

Traymore Park Playground Improvements

Playground improvements have begun at Traymore Park this summer. The existing park is approximately 0.3 hectares in size and is comprised of two park parcels on the east and west sides of Traymore Crescent. This project is intended to provide improved access and seating in the park, provide a new playground and promote healthy living.