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Elections – 2014 Unofficial Election Results

This dataset consists of 4 Election Results files in 2 different formats:  2 txt files and 2 XML files.  One file in each format will contain results for all candidates City-wide; the second file will be the Mayoral race by ward.

unofficialresult.txt - Results for all candidates group by  6 offices, in plain text format
unofficialresult.xml - Results for all candidates group by 6 offices, in xml format:
unofficialresult-wardbyward.txt -  Results of each ward of mayoral candidates in plain text format
unofficialresult-wardbyward.xml - Results of each ward of mayoral candidates in xml format

The purpose of this dataset is to provide the open data community with a template in advance of the City of Toronto Election (Oct. 27, 2014). This template provides an opportunity to the community to develop applications and products in advance of election night. At 8:00 p.m. on the night of the election, the raw data will commence publishing by each polling station.

These results are unofficial and will be removed from this site once the official results are made available. The 2014 official election results will available in the Open Data catalogue under Election Results (Official) at: Election Results (Official)


The results are not official until declared by the City Clerk. Data files are refreshed every 60 seconds during election night.

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