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Children's Gardening and Eco Programs

Children's Gardening and Eco ProgramsLittle fingers in the soil, little feet on the trail, little tummies in the kitchen

The Children's Eco Programs provide fun, hands-on opportunities for children and youth to discover the hidden wonders and importance of Toronto's parks and gardens, while cultivating physical, ecological and community health.

We offer curriculum-based garden and nature spring/fall programs and feature eco camps, garden drop-ins, cooking programs and a host of other innovative and unique environmental programs year-round in High Park, the Children's Garden and Teaching Kitchen and along 7 of Toronto's Discovery Walk trails. These action-packed, hands-on programs help children and youth connect with the wonders of nature right at their doorsteps.

For more information contact Keely Forth, 416-392-1329 or or check out our web site

Children's Gardening and Eco ProgramsPlant a seed, grow a gardener, hike a trail, emerge a naturalist

The Children's Eco Programs staff are honoured to be able to offer program support and staff training to a number of City of Toronto community and recreation centres across Toronto. They too are bringing children and youth into City parks to learn, breathe and feel nature, and taste the fruits of their labour as they nurture their own children's gardens.

Expanding Across Toronto

Since 2001, the Children's Eco Programs have been sowing the seeds for healthy children, beautiful green spaces and environmental recreation across Toronto. They are determined to meet the growing interest in children's gardens and environmental programs and achieve the broader goal of increasing the use, enjoyment and public stewardship of the City's parks and ravines system.

In striving to fulfill their vision of "Imagining the city's future led by a generation of lifelong gardeners and naturalists", they have been working to establish environmental programs at community centres and surrounding parkland across the City.

Below are some of the centres they are supporting which are offering environmental, nature, nutrition and/or garden programming. For more information on any of these programs please contact the location directly at the phone numbers listed below.

Bob Abate Community Recreation Centre (Gardening) 485 Montrose Avenue 416-392-0744
Camp Naorca (Nature Programming) 60 Blue Forest Drive 416-395-0150
Claireville Day Camp (Nature Programming) Highway 50 & Highway 7 416-394-8546
Curran Hall Community Centre (Gardening) 277 Orton Park Rd. 416-396-5156
Don Montgomery Community Recreation Centre (Gardening) 2467 Eglinton Avenue East 416-396-4043
Edgehill House (Gardening)  61 Edgehill Road 416-392-2724
Ellesmere Community Centre (Gardening) 20 Canadian Road 416-396-5536
Gord & Irene Risk Community Centre (Garden & Nature Programming) 2650 Finch Ave. West 416-395-7953
Hilltop Community School (Garden &Nature Programming) 35 Trehorne Drive 416-394-8701
Humriva Day Camp (Nature Programming) Humber River Valley 416-394-2747
James S. Bell Community School (Gardening)  90 Thirty First Street 416-394-8707
Ken Cox Community Centre (Gardening & Nature Programming) 28 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Drive 416-392-6355
Lawrence Heights Community Centre (Gardening) 5 Replin Road 416-395-6120
Malvern Community Recreation Centre (Gardening) 30 Sewells Road 416-396-4054
Milliken Park Community Recreation Centre (Garden and Nature Programming) 4325 McCowan Road 416-396-7757
Oakdale Community Centre (Gardening) 350 Grandravine Drive 416-395-0488
Riverdale Farm (Gardening) 201 Winchester Street 416-392-6794
St. Lawrence Community Recreation Centre /Princess Park Children’s Play Garden (Gardening) 230 The Esplanade 416-392-1347
Toronto Islands/Franklin Children’s Garden  (Garden & Nature Programming) Centre Island 416-392-8192

You can also use our map of Children's Gardens.

Can't find something near you? Contact your local recreation centre, and let them know you're interested in children's garden or eco programming. For more information on children's garden and eco programming through Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation, contact Keely Forth at