Toronto Fire Services

Emergency Preparedness

Every municipality, regardless of size and location, can be seriously disrupted by an emergency. This could take the form of a plane crash, severe storm, flood, fire, chemical spill or similar disaster.

All capable adults are responsible to be prepared for unforeseen emergencies. While nobody can predict an emergency, it is important to plan for a variety of possibilities. Your personal plan can make a significant difference to you and your family's well-being. Emergencies can and do occur without warning. Think now about getting prepared.

Know Your Enemy


Lightning storms

Information about how to protect yourself in a Lightning Storm.



Information about how to protect yourself in a Tornado, prepare for a tornado, recognize tornado conditions, and actions to take after the tornado.

Fire Do Not Cross waires and tree down after snowstorm

Winter storms

Information about Winter Storm precautions, when your power fails, when you must abandon the home, after the storm and when the power restarts.

Fire_in_your_home_2007_02_27 114.jpg

Fire in your home

Information about how to make your home as fire safe as possible. Also tips on what to do if caught in a home fire and steps to take after a fire in your home.

Plan for an emergency

Rectangular first aid kit hanging on a wall

First aid kit

List of a complete first aid kit in the event of an injury.

Water from a kitchen tap into a hand held clear drinking glass


Information about water storage and hidden water sources within your home.



Information about how to create an emergency reserve of food with tips on storage and preparing of food without electricity.

Car under tree

Storm warnings

Information about what weather warnings mean with respect to flooding and snowfall.