Municipal Licensing & Standards

Information for Passengers

Effective July 1, 2014, the City of Toronto made changes to the regulations that govern the taxicab industry. The changes are intended to ensure that Toronto’s taxicab industry provides improved customer service and maintains a high quality of taxicabs.

Wheelchair Accessible Taxicab Service
A new bylaw will ensure that 100% of Toronto's taxicabs are wheelchair accessible by June 30, 2024. 

Better Customer Service
One hundred per cent of taxicabs will be owner-operated by June 30, 2024. Owner-operated taxicabs have been shown to provide better service and safer vehicles. The owner-operated model also minimizes operating layers to help keep fares down.

Environmentally-Friendly Vehicles
Sedan taxicabs are required to be either a hybrid, alternative fuel or low-emission vehicle. This means that less greenhouse gasses and smog pollutants will come from Toronto's taxicabs.

Taxicab Bill of Rights
The new Taxicab Bill of Rights combines the rights of passengers with the rights of drivers. This bill will be posted in all taxicabs – it outlines the reasons why taxicabs can refuse a fare, along with a QR scan code that will help you easily file a compliment or complaint.

Debit and Credit Payment Technology
The City of Toronto is working towards mandating debit and credit terminals in all taxicabs. This means that passengers would be able to pay with cash, debit or credit. 

New Fees
Taxicab drivers can charge a $25 cleaning fee if a passenger soils the taxicab. Drivers will also be permitted to request that passengers pay the estimated fare before starting the trip (to a maximum of $25).

Common Questions

Questions Answers
Where can I make a complaint about a taxicab?  You can file a complaint about your taxicab ride (condition of the vehicle, driver behaviour, use of cell phone, route taken or fare) by calling 416-392-3082 or emailing
I only want to go a short distance. Can a taxicab driver refuse to pick me up? No. A taxi driver cannot refuse a fare based on a short distance.
Why can a taxicab driver refuse to pick me up?

There are six reasons why a taxicab driver can refuse to pick you up. They are:

  1. You owe the driver a fare from a previous unpaid trip
  2. You do not disclose your final destination
  3. You ask to be driven to a remote area that the driver deems unsafe
  4. You are unduly obnoxious or abusive
  5. You smoke in the taxicab
  6. You refuse to pay the estimated fare in advance of the trip (up to $25)