Person on a bike riding past a bike ring in the foreground.

Bicycle Parking

The City of Toronto's comprehensive bicycle parking programs are intended to provide public bicycle parking facilities at destinations that are regularly frequented by cyclists. Post and ring bicycle stands are installed on street for 'short term' parking, while bicycle lockers and the bicycle station are designed for 'long term', recurring bicycle parking needs.

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Bicycle Parking Facilities

New bike rings with a flower pot in the background.

Bike Rings

The City of Toronto's Bike Ring program is a leader in North America, providing over 17,500 bike rings to the public on City sidewalks and boulevards.


Bike Corrals Program

Bike corrals are seasonal on-street bicycle parking that use car parking in the curb lane to park bicycles without further congesting the sidewalk.  

Locker location - Finch Subway Station

Bicycle Lockers

Bicycle lockers provide excellent, secure bicycle parking by improving protection from theft, vandalism and inclement weather. The lockers are designed to hold one bicycle each as well as bicycle gear such as panniers.


Bicycle Parking Stations

Bicycle stations are secure indoor parking facilities for bikes, providing affordable protection against theft, vandalism and bad weather. Only people who register to use a bicycle station can access the facilities.