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New Street between Rean Drive and Kenaston Gardens EA

The City of Toronto is studying options for a new east-west street between Rean Drive and Kenaston Gardens located within the area south of Sheppard Avenue and east of Bayview Avenue.

The purpose of the Environmental Assessment (EA) is to evaluate alternatives to enhance the existing street between Barberry Place and Rean Drive with a new extension between Barberry Place and Kenaston Gardens. The study is focused on supporting planning objectives for the area, improving access for pedestrians to the Bayview Subway Station and neighbourhood connectivity for all road users.

News and Updates

JUNE 2017

The project team will be issuing a Notice of Study Completion this summer 2017. Once issued, the final report will be placed on the public record and be available for the public and review agencies to review for a period of at least 30 calendar days. A hardcopy of the final report will be made available as well as electronically on this webpage.

The area around Sheppard Avenue East and Bayview Avenue in the North York District is a community experiencing significant residential development. There are a number of plans already in place which guide development with specific recommendations for transportation options which this study will consider.

The Sheppard East Subway Corridor Secondary Plan (1996, 2007)

First adopted by the City of North York in 1996 and subsequently included in the Toronto Official Plan in 2007 provides an overall strategy to manage, direct and ensure quality development as well as to encourage long term development in key nodes (connection points) along the Sheppard subway corridor. The Secondary Plan identifies the area surrounding the intersection of Bayview Avenue and Sheppard Avenue East as one of these key nodes with the TTC’s subway station at its centre.

Southeast Bayview Node Context Plan (2000)

The Southeast Bayview Node Context Plan was adopted by City Council in 2000 to support the implementation of the Secondary Plan goal and objectives for this area and provide a framework for development. The context plan identifies a number of transportation improvements including a new east-west street connection between rean Drive and Kenaston Gardens. 

A new street connection has been identified to:

  • Support planning objectives for this area and encourage new east west streets through large blocks to create more street oriented buildings
  • Improve neighbourhood connectivity for all road users including pedestrians and cyclists
  • Improve access for residents to local amenities and the Bayview Subway Station

New Street between Rean Drive and Kenaston Gardens Environmental Assessment (2016)

Since the Context Plan was adopted by Council, a portion of the new street between Rean Drive and Barberry Place has already been constructed but has not yet been dedicated as a public street. In addition to evaluating a new street extension between Barberry Place and Kenaston Gardens, this study will also review and determine whether the portion between rean Drive and Barberry Place meets current City standards and can remain as is and be assumed by City or if further design and construction is required.

This study is being carried out as a Schedule B of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment which is an approved planning process under the Environmental Assessment Act.



Public Open House - September 27, 2016

View event information materials:
Event Flyer
Display Panels
Draft Preferred Solution (map)

Read the consultation report about what we heard.

Public Works & Infrastructure Committee - November 21, 2016

A staff report recommending a new east-west street from Rean Drive to Kenaston Gardens was presented to the Public Works and Infastructure Committee (PWIC) on Monday November 21, 2016. 
Read Staff Report

City Council - December 20, 2016

City Council adopted the recommendation for a new east-west street between Rean Drive and Kenaston Gardens. Read the decision and the accompanying staff report here:

City Council Decision
Read Staff Report

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