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Tippett Road Regeneration Area Study

Purpose of the study

The purpose of this study is to assess the conversion of employment lands through the redesignation of lands to non-employment uses and/or the introduction of residential uses.

The Tippett Road Regeneration Area Study is being initiated because the City is currently undertaking a Five Year Review of the Official Plan and a Municipal Comprehensive Review. At its meeting held on November 8, 2012, the Planning and Growth Management Committee adopted a Report from the Chief Planner which outlined proposed City-wide Employment Areas policy directions. A preliminary assessment has determined that employment lands in the Tippett Road area could be converted through re-designation to Regeneration Areas, but only through the creation of a site and area specific policy or a secondary plan. The current Employment Areas land use designation provides for a variety of employment related uses, whereas the Regeneration Areas designation provides for a broad mix of uses which could include residential.

What's new

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Study area

Tippett Road study area mapThe study area is generally bounded by Wilson Heights Boulevard, Wilson Avenue, Champlain Boulevard, Highway 401 and Allen Road. All lands are located within Ward 10 - York Centre.


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Study background

Toronto's Official Plan

Toronto's Official Plan sets out the vision for where and how the city will grow to the year 2031. The vision of the Plan is about creating an attractive and safe city that evokes pride, passion and a sense of belonging - a city where people of all ages and abilities can enjoy a good quality of life. A city with:

  • vibrant neighbourhoods that are part of complete communities;
  • affordable housing choices that meet the needs of everyone throughout their life;
  • attractive, tree lined streets with shops and housing that are made for walking;
  • a comprehensive and high quality affordable transit system that lets people move around the City quickly and conveniently;
  • a strong and competitive economy with a vital downtown that creates and sustains well-paid, stable, safe and fulfilling employment opportunities for all Torontonians;
  • clean air, land and water;
  • green spaces of all sizes and public squares that bring people together;
  • a wealth of recreational opportunities that promote health and wellness;
  • a spectacular waterfront that is healthy, diverse, public and beautiful;
  • cultural facilities that celebrate the best of city living; and
  • beautiful architecture and excellent urban design that astonish and inspire.

Think of it as a blueprint. It describes the general location for new housing, employment, office and retail areas, community services, parks and other land uses. The Official Plan also establishes policies for the built environment such as criteria for how new buildings relate to the street, for improvements to the City's hard services (such as transit, roads, sewers) and for the protection of the City's natural and built environment.

Why is the City reviewing its Official Plan now?

Our Official Plan sets out the vision for where and how Toronto will grow to the year 2031. That's a fairly long time, so it is important to do regular "check-ups" to ensure that the Official Plan is working to implement the vision. The Province's Planning Act also requires a municipality to review its Official Plan at least every 5 years. Toronto's Official Plan came into force in June 2006, requiring that the City commence an Official Plan Review in 2011.

The Official Plan Review will review what policies are working, what policies need to be updated, revised or deleted, and what new policies are required to be added as a result of more recent provincial legislation.

What is a Municipal Comprehensive Review?

This Review will look specifically at the City's designated areas of employment and how the Official Plan policies and designations are working. The Provincial Growth Plan requires the City to address specific criteria if it wants to consider changing the land use permissions for designated areas of employment. Since the City's 5 Year Review of the Official Plan includes a review of policies and designations for employment lands, it is an appropriate opportunity to undertake the Municipal Comprehensive Review at the same time.

Further information on the City's Five Year Review of the Official Plan and a Municipal Comprehensive Review

Preliminary Assessment and Draft Policy Direction for Consultation

Although the Municipal Comprehensive Review has not been completed, a preliminary assessment based on the criteria in the Growth Plan and the Provincial Policy Statement has determined that those lands as shown on the study area map could be converted through re-designation to Regeneration Areas, but only through the creation of a site and area specific policy or secondary plan to address Section 4.7 of the Official Plan and also matters such as:

  • streets, pedestrian connections, blocks, densities and building heights;
  • a net gain in employment gross floor area with re-development;
  • a minimum of 50 per cent employment use gross floor area on 50 Wilson Heights Boulevard; and
  • an affordable housing component.

Applications within the study area

Currently there are 2 planning applications within the study area. These applications are for:

  • 30 Tippett Road - Two primarily residential buildings on the western portion of the site of 13 and 12 storeys with 290 units and a maximum height of 46 metres. Proposed on the eastern portion of the site are 30 three storey townhouse units in 6 blocks.

    Preliminary staff report and direction on these applications can be found at:
  • 9 Tippett Road - A residential development with 443 dwelling units. The building would have various heights and is proposed to wrap the western property line (Tippett Road) at 14 storeys, the southern property line at 7-storeys, the eastern property line at 11-storeys and be connected along the northern property line with a 2-storey amenity wing.

    Preliminary staff report and direction on this application can be found at:

Community consultation meetings

 June 10, 2013 - Tippett Road Regeneration Area Study Launch

October 29, 2013 - Working Group Meeting 1

November 25, 2013 - Working Group Meeting 2

June 9, 2014 - Community Meeting

On June 9, 2014, a community meeting was held with residents and stakeholders to present the results of the previous two working group meetings. Six "Big Moves" were used to summarize the principles in the study going forward. A copy of the presentation can be found below:

Staff Reports and Planning and Growth Management/City Council Decisions