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Yarn Bombing Deats

Here are a measurements for just a few great spots that can be
yarn-bombed, but come on over and take a look
The possibilities are limitless!

Take a look at the lovely row of eleven perfect trees behind this bench,
most of these are about 4' in diameter.

This is one of two of the larger benches we have that sit right our front of
the main building. More fun to sit on if they were all knit up.
7' long x 1'4" top & bottom.

We have three beautiful arbours, that will need some cozying up this winter!

There are five of these small benches on site. 6' long x 1'4" seat, 1' back.

10 lamp posts, 1'1" diameter x 12-14' high. This sold dark metal needs warmth!

These two small trees, 8" diameter, 5' high, stand right out front.
Perfect positioning to add colour to the house.