Feeling Congested

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On this page you will find links to most past and current project materials, including staff reports, consultation panels, discussion guides, toolkits, and presentations.

Phase 3

In this Phase, the City is proposing draft policy amendments to the Official Plan transportation policies for public discussion and input. The draft policies are the outcome of an inter-divisional and agency review process undertaken as part of the “Feeling Congested?” initiative, which is part of the City’s Five Year Official Plan Review.

The draft transportation policy amendments are generally organized under the headings of:

  • Integration with Land Use;
  • Streets and "Complete Streets";
  • Active Transportation;
  • Auto, Transportation Demand Management (TDM), and Parking; and,
  • Goods Movement.

The draft amendments do not cover all the areas of transportation policy found in the Official Plan. Notably, updates to the maps and schedules pertaining to street rights-of-way and unbuilt roads and revisions to policies relating to transit planning, bicycling and laneways are not addressed at this time, as they are the subject of on-going reviews.

Phase 2

In Phase 2, we engaged over 12,000 people, both in-person and online about some of the key policy elements of the Official Plan review, including the new Decision-Making Framework, and the Bicycle Policy Framework. Learn about the results below.

Phase 2 Consultation Summary Report

Results of the Phase 2 Consultations

Ward Focus Groups Summary Report

Outcomes from Phase 2 Ward Focus Groups

Discussion Panel

Video of Decongesting Toronto 2: Making Sound Decisions

Phase 1

In Phase 1, we consulted 7,000 people on their top 4 out of 8 transportation planning criteria, which will inform investment decisions made in the future. Learn about the results below.

Phase 1 Consultation Summary Report

Phase 1 Consultation Summary Report

Attachments to the Phase 1 Summary Reports

Attachments to the Phase 1  Summary Reports

Transportation Investment Survey Summary Report

Transportation Investment Survey Summary Report

Phase 1 Consultation Panels

Phase 1 Consultation Panels