Revenue Services

New features for online Parking Ticket Services

Revenue Services has launched improved features to our Parking Ticket Services application. The new features simplify the process of searching for parking tickets and processing parking ticket payments. Users can now view the status of their parking ticket and  make payment in one step with our easy-to-use online self-service portal.

With the introduction of our new shopping cart feature, customers will now be able to make payment on multiple tickets, up to a maximum of 20 tickets, using your drivers license or Registered Identification Number (RIN).

Please note, a $1.50 fee is charged per transaction.

We have also made improvements to our payment receipts. Receipts will now capture more details from the payment transaction for you to retain in your records.

For the first time, owners of non-Ontario license plates may view and make payment for a parking ticket issued against their license plate.

The 24/7 availability of the online service and easy payment processing will provide improved customer service, and assists us in our commitment to delivering service-focused, accessible and user-centric online services to the public.

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