Green Business Initiatives

The City of Toronto offers a number of programs to help businesses and not-for-profits reduce energy use and costs, while improving the environment.

Corporate 20-Minute Makeover

A great team-building opportunity - businesses can participate with thousands of residents, community groups and schools in the City's annual spring cleanup.

Energy Efficiency Incentives

Planning new construction or a major renovation? Maximize the energy efficiency of your building with these incentives.

Energy Retrofit Loans

Community-based organizations and not-for-profits can benefit from low-interest loans to fund their energy retrofits.

Green Your Roof

Need a new roof? Consider installing a green roof or cool roof with a grant from the City. Eco-roofs reduce energy use, the emissions that contribute to climate change, and more.

Live Green Card Program

Looking to attract new eco-conscious customers? More than 500 businesses across Toronto have already joined this free program.

Live Green @ Work

Does your workplace have a Green Team or is perhaps looking to start one? There's a lot that you and your employees can do to reduce waste, water & energy use and save money.

MyWater Toronto

Track water use, identify leaks and look for ways to save water and money with this new online tool from the City of Toronto.

Smart Commute

Are your employees stuck in traffic? Smart Commute partners with employers and property managers to promote sustainable commuting, reduce costs, and improve productivity.