Climate & Energy Goals

Power to Live Green

The Power to Live Green report coverThe goal of the Power to Live Green is to develop an energy strategy that builds on the City’s sustainable energy foundation by significantly conserving, renewing, and smartly distributing electricity and natural gas to bring us closer to an 80 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels by 2050, while maintaining energy reliability and affordability.

Given that 94 percent of greenhouse gas emissions stem from the entire Toronto urban area and not just the City of Toronto corporation, achieving these targets requires the participation of all sectors — commercial, industrial, institutional (i.e. government, hospitals, schools, etc.), and residential.

Conservation, demand management, renewable generation, and smart distribution of energy are the building blocks for Toronto’s sustainable energy future. We must move away from dependence on polluting fossil fuel sources such as oil, coal, and natural gas, and simultaneously ensure sufficient renewable generation and transmission in the process.

Energy conservation and demand management

Energy conservation and demand management are crucial, as the lowest cost and the cleanest kilowatt is always the one that is never produced. Enormous gains can be made through cost effective energy efficiency efforts that can be targeted to offset load growth in Toronto. We will work with Torontonians and our stakeholder partners to achieve these goals. The City already has many effective conservation and efficiency programs. We will expand the program opportunities to engage more sectors and more citizens.

Renewable energy

Renewable energy generation is critically important and inevitable as global supplies of oil, natural gas and uranium decline. Toronto strongly supports the Province’s phase out of coal-fired power plants and will work to ensure the transition is smooth and on schedule.

Smart energy distribution

Smart energy distribution will improve security of supply, eliminate waste, promote efficiency and enable conservation. Deployment of distributed energy systems and further development to the smart grid will help decentralize energy production and move clean, renewable power to where it is needed, when it is needed.  Learn about community energy planning and district energy.

Learn how we're greening City operations as well as the programs and services to help residents  and businesses do their part.

Download the Power to Live Green report (pdf)