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College Street Construction

(Havelock Street to Shaw Street)


The City of Toronto will be re-starting the streetscaping improvements on College Street between Shaw Street and Havelock Street. This year the City has retained CRCE Construction Limited to complete the streetscape improvements. Work will start in June 2017.

2017 College Street Construction Project Updates and General Information

ExpandUPDATES & NOTICES College Promenade BIA Streetscape Improvements

Local Update: October 13, 2017 

College Promenade BIA Streetscaping Project Update – Week of October 13, 2017

This is the tenth of a series of construction updates that is being posted during the construction project between Havelock Street and Shaw Street. The next update will be distributed on October 27. All of the work on College Street itself has been completed for Streetcar Service to resume. There has been an impact to work on the parkettes and Blue Rooms (they make up less than 3 per cent of the entire project scope) this will not affect streetcar service or on-street parking. Details are provided below.


Approximately 97% of the entire, overall project is complete. All of the major work on College Street itself  is complete in time for Streetcar Service to resume tomorrow, on October 14, 2017. Parking will also be reinstated. There will still be minor works on College street but it  will not affect parking on College Street. There will still be some activities in the Parkettes until the end of October. Details on the outstanding works are noted below.


From time to time, the contractor will work on Saturdays from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The contractor has agreed to not do any heavy breaking or machinery moving between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.; however, at 9:00 a.m. louder operations may occur on Saturdays.  From Monday to Friday the contractor is currently working 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and extending hours when needed.

Please Note: Because the contractor is adhering to a much smaller staging area on College Street, the contractor will be using nearby side streets for material delivery. This can cause some disruption on the side-street. However, with the rolling staging and the level of completion expected before any work starts on the North Side, the inconveniences will be limited.


Work Update South Side:

Work in all three phases on the South Side is essentially complete (all removal, new concrete and new pavers complete).
The only outstanding elements of work are:

  • remaining site cleaning
  • tree grate and guard installation


Work Update North Side:

Work on the North side to rectify 2016 deficiencies (buried water services, asphalt removal, re-installing pavers) is essentially complete (all removal, new concrete and new pavers complete).

The only outstanding elements of works are:

  • remaining site cleaning
  • bike ring installation
  • tree grate and guard installation


Locating water keys was very time consuming and in some cases finding the services and restoring access took longer than anticipated; however, the contractor worked carefully to ensure damage to existing work was limited to ensure this work stayed within budget. The only impact has been on the timeline for work on the Parkettes and Blue Rooms.


Blue Room Work:

  • The contractor will complete as much work on the blue rooms as possible by the end of October.
  • The custom lights are currently in production and will not be delivered until mid-December.
  • Due to timing of the delivery and potential winter weather, the lights and blue room painting may be delayed until Spring of 2018.
  • The painting is best completed when temperatures are above 10 degrees.
  • Updates will be provided before this work resumes, there will be very little impact to traffic and pedestrians when this work takes place.


Thank you:

The City project team would like to thank the BIA and Business owners for their cooperation and understanding throughout the duration of this project. Your assistance and understanding has contributed to the success of this project. 

Pictures of completed work along College St.


Notices & Updates

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BIA Meeting Notice 


ExpandPublic Meeting Information Feb 28th


In October 2016, the City terminated its contract with the contractor delivering streetscaping work on College Street between Havelock Street and Shaw Street. On Tuesday, Feb 28th residents met with City staff and your local City Councillors to get an update on the remaining work and the next steps for this contract.

Meeting Presentation

Below is the presentation that was presented by City Staff at the meeting. 

2017 Frequently Asked Questions

ExpandHow will the work be staged in 2017?

In 2017, work is being staged in sections delivered in 4 stages. The table below, depicts where and when the work is taking place. If the schedule changes, updates will be provided. As much as possible, machinery and materials are being stored within the area where work is taking place. 


Dates / Location




South side of College Street



June 19 to July 16
(Rushholme to Dovercourt))



*dates are subject to change and are accurate as of distribution date


Crews will:

  • Set up the fencing and work zone for each section
  • Remove the old sidewalk
  • Install electrical conduits
  • Install new pavers
  • Remove old tree guards
  • Install new tree guards
  • Restore areas affected by construction
  • Construct parkettes


South side of College Street


July 17 to August 13

(Dovercourt to Ossington)


South side of College Street

August 14 – September 8
(Ossington to Shaw)


North side of College Street

September 9 – October 13
(Havelock to Shaw )

Crews will:

  • Address and rectify all the deficiencies from 2016 work on the north side of the road including buried water services, removing asphalt and installing pavers
  • Installing tree guards and elements to tree pits
  • Installing the new parkettes at Dovercourt Rd., Ossignton Ave, and Roxton Rd.
  • Restore areas affected by construction


ExpandHow will access to business be maintained?

Access to businesses is being maintained at all times during construction. Except for short durations of a few hours, when concrete is being poured and unit pavers are being installed.


The work on the south side of College St. will involve removing the sidewalk in half-widths. Then reconstructing the unit paver base in half widths. This will ensure that access is always maintained. There will be instances where this option is not workable. City Staff and the Contractor will work with those specific businesses to determine a suitable time for this work. The sidewalk is being constructed beside business / apartment doorways occasionally. Wooden ramps are being provided for access where necessary. 

ExpandHow will fencing be placed around the work areas?

As described above, construction will proceed from west to east. Underground electrical work is being followed by sidewalk reconstruction on each block. There will be access along the sidewalk at all times, except when placing unit pavers. During this time, pedestrians can use the closed lane on College Street.

ExpandWhat accommodations are being made for cyclists?

Within the work zone, cyclists will be accommodated within narrower curb lanes than existing. Cyclists are expected to ride in single file with cars and motorists are expected to yield cyclists. Proper signage within the work zone will be placed to reinforce the above. Bike posts are being removed as construction moves and are being replaced with the work.

ExpandWhat parking arrangements are being made?

Work on the south side is being staged in smaller sections, north side parking is being maintained. To ensure there is enough room on the street for two lanes of traffic, there will be no parking on to the north side of active work zones. When work moves to the north side, we will work to ensure that south side parking is re-instated.


The City is working to see if alternate arrangements for nearby lots can be accessed during construction also. These details will be communicated when confirmed. Visitors, business owners and residents are being expected to abide by all parking regulations. Parking in non-designated areas is done at your own risk, the City will not reimburse individuals for tickets issued during construction. 

ExpandHow, when and where will garbage be collected?

Businesses / residents will put out garbage according to the regular schedule using regular containers or tags. When work is taking place within a specific block, the Contractor will move affected bins to an area where Solid Waste can pick up the containers and labelled bags.


Affected residents and businesses will get garbage pick-up notices before work starts on their block. Residents and businesses are responsible for labeling their bins with the appropriate addresses.

ExpandWho are the Staff Contacts during this project?

Members of the public, and residents above businesses on College Street with questions about this project can visit the City's website: to sign up for regular email updates and read about the project, or they can contact: 

Paul Martin

Senior Public Consultation Coordinator

Public Consultation Unit

(416) 392-6681

The on-site inspector can deal with construction-related concerns. Concerns such as fencing locations, site cleanliness, noise, garbage pickup and other issues that may come up during construction. The inspector will work with the contractor to address concerns or with the Project Engineer to follow up with the contractor.


All matters must be brought to the inspector for proper documentation in their daily log and management and will work with the contractor – please do not raise concerns directly with the contractor or crews on site. 

ExpandHow do I report emergencies?

Report criminal concerns, health emergencies or fires by calling 911.


Report construction-related emergencies immediately to the Construction Inspector onsite by calling 311. Also call 311 for water or other road-related emergencies. 311 can dispatch the appropriate staff for follow up.  

ExpandWhat street furniture will be removed and when it will be restored?

 On the south side of College Street from Rusholme to Shaw Street, the City has arranged for the removal of all City-owned:

  • benches,
  • garbage containers,
  • TTC bus shelters.


Items will be removed on the north side as necessary.  All street furniture will be re-instated once the project is completed. The timing for the reinstallation of street furniture varies. We are working with Transportation Services to get an installation time frame.

ExpandWhat happens when the contractor finds the unexpected underground?

If anything unexpected is found underground, the Contractor will not proceed with work in the nearby area. The found item / or element would be inspected and nearby soil tested for contaminants. At all times, the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) regulations need to be followed in this situation. 


ExpandHow should businesses plan deliveries?

Businesses will continue to receive store deliveries. Delivery vehicles are not to stop within the areas where work is occurring though. The City will work to provide a work delivery plan and schedule. This is so affected businesses can adjust their delivery schedule when work is in front of their location. During those times, deliveries should occur before or after construction hours before 7:00 A.M or after 11:00 P.M. When deliveries are being scheduled, the business owner should contact the inspector to finalize the arrangements when work is taking place within your address.

ExpandWhat is meant by "Contractor", in this FAQ?

The Construction project is overseen by City staff from Engineering & Construction Services. Most projects are delivered by companies under contract to the City of Toronto. This is why information refers to the contractor as they are the team leading the work on the street.

There are also larger projects, or bundles of work, that are managed by consultants for the City of Toronto.

All work delivered by either consultants or contractors is overseen by City staff. City staff evaluate contractors by using the Contractor Performance Evaluation (CPE) Form. This is to ensure contractors deliver work according to the contract, on-time, and on-budget.

Once work is complete, it enters a warranty period of approximately 1-2 years. City staff will inspect the site and any major or minor issues are addressed by the contractor at no additional cost to the City within the warranty period.

ExpandWhy has the project included pavers for the sidewalk instead of concrete?

The pavers was a recommendation of the College Promenade BIA Urban Design Strategy. The pavers match city standards in terms or size, shape, texture. The only unique feature, is its colour.


The report also recommended improvements to some key corners in the neighbourhood. Award-winning, landscape architectural firm PMA designed the small parkettes along College Street. The BIA Board approved the locations and designs proposed by PMA. The project has been supported by:

  • the various City departments
  • Councillor Ana Bailao
  • Councillor Mike Layton

Each of these new parkettes will have:

  • public art
  • plantings or trees
  • high-quality pavers
  • seating areas
  • elements of colour and wood

The parkettes will complement one another, to visually unify the College Promenade BIA.

ExpandWhen will tree grills be installed?

Tree grills will be installed as work progresses. We will work with the contractor to get an expected delivery and installation date for the grills when the project is underway. 

ExpandWhere the tree are pits going?

A series of maps is provided below:

  • Green Circles = New Trees
  • Brown circles = Existing Trees
  • Blue blocks = Blue Rooms
  • Red lines = New Benches

Havelock to Rusholme

Rusholme to Dovercourt

Dovercourt to Delaware 

Delaware to Concord

Concord to Ossington

Ossington to Roxton

Roxton to Shaw 

Additional Project Information