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The Toronto Heritage Register

Check if a property is on the Heritage Register using the up-to-date Heritage Property Search tool, or using the new GIS-based interactive mapping system (click on image below). 

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*Please note that although care has been taken to ensure the accuracy, completeness and reliability of the heritage property mapping tool, some inaccuracies may be present. The mapping and property search tools are updated periodically throughout the year as properties are added to the Register.  

Compiled by Heritage Preservation Services for Toronto City Council, the Heritage Register is a list which identifies Toronto's built cultural heritage. The Register (previously known as the Inventory of Heritage Properties) was started in 1973 and lists approximately 7,000 properties ranging from well-known landmark buildings and structures to private homes and heritage districts.

Heritage Preservation Services recommends to City Council those properties that should be included on the Heritage Register or designated under the Ontario Heritage Act. City Council seeks the opinion of the volunteer Toronto Preservation Board when considering each recommendation for listing or designation.

"Listed" is a term used for properties for which City Council has adopted a recommendation to be included on the Register. The recommendations are based on criteria that relate to architecture, history, and neighbourhood context. Their inclusion on the Register is a clear statement that the City would like to see the heritage attributes of these properties preserved.

Properties that have been individually designated under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act, or are located within a Heritage Conservation District designated under Part V, are referred to as "designated". Designated properties are also included on the Register and are identified by a by-law number.

If your property is designated or in a Heritage Conservation District you will find the Designation By-law Number.

Obtain Heritage Designation By-laws from 1998 to the present.

To obtain heritage designation by-laws prior to 1998 please contact City Archives at 416 392 5431.

For conclusive information, please contact Heritage Preservation Services.