Solving Homelessness Together

Homeless shelters in Toronto

Through Shelter, Support and Housing Administration, the City provides emergency accommodation and assistance to homeless individuals and families with children. Meals and basic necessities are provided in a secure environment, as well as case management, counseling and support programs for adults and children. Housing workers help clients get permanent housing. Every year about 4,000 households are housed through the shelter system.

Together, the City and dozens of community partners provide more than 4,600 permanent emergency and transitional shelter beds in 62 locations, including ten that are operated by the City. During the winter, additional shelter spaces are made available through the Out of the Cold program and the Extreme Cold Weather Alert system. City funding also supports the Habitat Services program, which supplies 931 boarding home and rooming house beds for adult psychiatric survivors.

Access to the emergency shelter system is through Central Intake which can be reached 24/7 by calling 416-397-5637, toll-free is 1-877-338-3398. 311 operators can put calls through as well. Individuals, but not families with children, are welcome to come to the Streets to Homes Assessment and Referral Centre at 129 Peter Street for a shelter referral. This is a 24/7 service.

In 2015, City Council approved new Shelter Standards which guide the operations of all shelters in the system.

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General Inquiry
To make an inquiry or get information about emergency shelter services, please call Hostel Services' general inquiry line at 416-392-8741.

All complaints are taken seriously and investigated to ensure that services are provided in accordance with the Toronto Shelter Standards. See the Shelter, Support and Housing Administration complaints process if you wish to file a complaint.

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