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General Information

Indoor Swimming Pool

Using our change rooms

Only a limited number of pools have universal or family change rooms. At facilities without universal or family change rooms, children of different gender than their parent or guardian may enter the same change room as their parent or guardian if they are six years of age or younger. Children seven years of age or older are required to use the change room designated for their gender. If these accommodations do not work for you, please speak to facility staff to make alternate arrangements.

Parks, Forestry and Recreation strongly advises that you leave valuable belongings at home. Should you bring valuable items to the facility, please ensure you find a secure place to store them. Lockers are available at various locations. The City of Toronto is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Swimming attire

When using the pool, all swimmers must change from street clothes to a swim suit and/or clean clothing used for swimming only. Clothing worn in the pool must permit individuals to participate safely in programs.

For swimmers who are not toilet-trained, we recommend wearing specially designed swim diapers or pants. Cotton diapers are only permitted if snug fitting pants are worn to cover the diaper. Ordinary disposable diapers are not permitted as they can clog the pool's filtration system. Once immersed in water, the absorbent material in disposable diapers becomes too saturated causing pieces to break off and enter the filtration system.

Pool fouling and closures

On occasion, pools close due to pool fouling. Health regulations require that our pools be closed anywhere from one to 24 hours depending on the nature of the fouling. The pool will reopen once the water chemistry is balanced and any affected equipment is disinfected.

If pool fouling occurs during instructional lessons, the City of Toronto will try to make up the lesson or provide a dry land lesson. If these options are not possible, a credit will be issued to your account for the missed lesson.

You can help keep our pools clean! Please do not eat right before swimming. If you need to eat, try to do so after swimming or a minimum of two hours before.


If you wish to take pictures of your child while they are swimming, speak with in-charge staff at the facility. Please be aware that the use of electronic and photographic devices including cellular phones and personal digital assistants is prohibited in the change room and washroom areas of all Parks, Forestry and Recreation facilities.

Instructional programming

The class you choose to take mostly depends on age, goals and skill level.

Guardian Swim Program - The Guardian Swim Program is a three level program which provides an introduction to the aquatic environment and to basic swimming skills for children with support from their parent or guardian. This program is for children from six months to five years of age. One parent or guardian must actively participate in the water at all times with the child. The program is designed to promote comfort and safety in the water for the guardian and child.

Preschool Swim Program - The Preschool Swim Program is a four level program. This is the first opportunity for a child to participate in a swim program without their guardian. It may also be their first swimming experience.

Ultra Swim Program - The Ultra Swim Program is for participants five years of age and older. There are nine levels.

Youth Swim Program - The Youth Swim Program is a three level program. It provides the participants the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in swimming and water safety with participants in the same age group.

Stroke Improvement Swim Program - The Child Stroke Improvement Program provides participants from Ultra 5 and up an opportunity to work on the components of front crawl, back crawl, elementary backstroke and breaststroke.

The Adult Stroke Improvement/Swim Fit program provides participants an opportunity to improve strokes and fitness under the guidance of an instructor.

Adult/Older Adult Swim Program - The Adult and Older Adult Swim Program is a three level program. It provides participants with the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in swimming and water safety. Participants work on skill items at their own pace.

Splash and Competitive Swimming - Splash Swim Team is a recreational competitive swim program geared towards developing swimming skills at a competitive level. Participants are encouraged to expand their swimming potential by practicing their strokes in a team based environment and showcasing their skills in competitive settings during swim meets.

The Challenge Program is a three level program that teaches participants competitive skills and provides them with an opportunity to improve fitness and endurance.

Leadership - Aquatic Leadership programs vary in required age and are geared towards those who want to become a lifeguard or swimming instructor. These programs are at an advanced level and teach swimming and water rescue skills.

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