Parking Tickets

Parking Ticket Cancellations

Important Notice - Parking Tickets

Please be advised, the information on this page applies to parking violations issued before August 28, 2017. For violations issued on or after August 28 visit: for information.

The City of Toronto uses established guidelines to assist the Cashier at the Screening Office locations in determining whether a parking ticket may be cancelled. In addition, City staff will take the necessary steps to determine whether a ticket warrants cancellation which may include:

  • Examining the license plate history to identify past infractions, whether there are prior cancellations and the reasons for cancellations;
  • requesting an investigation by Transportation Services, the Toronto Parking Authority or the Toronto Police Service Parking Enforcement Unit to verify whether signage may have been missing or covered, whether meters or pay and display machines were operational at the time of the infraction and/or that work was being carried out on the roadway, preventing legal parking;
  • reviewing various bylaw exemptions and permit parking zones to confirm that the permit was used in the correct zone;
  • confirming temporary police considerations which would permit parking due to police investigations, construction zones (ie: heavy crane lifts) or other street closures directed by police;
  • accessing the Ministry of Transportation license plate/vehicle registration data to verify whether disabled parking permits are valid.

For more information, the Parking Ticket Cancellation Guidelines outline the circumstances in which a parking ticket can be cancelled and the evidence required to support a cancellation. You may wish to review the guidelines before visiting a First Appearance Facility to dispute your ticket.

Time Allowance for Time-Limited Parking Offences In July 2012, City Council amended the Parking Ticket Cancellation Guidelines document to incorporate a 10-minute Time Allowance/Grace Period for certain parking offences. Those offences include overstaying at Pay and Display and metered parking spaces by 10-minutes and overstaying beyond the required vacate time on streets with Alternate Side Parking. The current grace period allows customers to stay until noon. Customers with tickets in either categories can have their tickets cancelled

Disputing your parking ticket Motorists who have been issued tickets for parking meter/pay-and display or permit-related offences or time-limited offences and who meet the cancellation criteria set out in the Parking Ticket Cancellation Guidelines may submit their ticket by fax or e-mail, together with any supporting documentation (e.g., a valid pay-and-display receipt), to request that their ticket be cancelled.

Please be advised that tickets issued for any No Stopping, No Standing, Fire Route, Fire Hydrant, Disabled Offences (including loading or unloading), Rush Hour Offences and ANY fine where the value is greater than $150.00 cannot be cancelled.