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Why study in Toronto?

Canadians place great importance on learning and have developed a first-rate educational system with high standards. Toronto is home to several first class post-secondary institutions that all offer a variety of programs and courses to suit your needs and interests.

Canada offers a stable learning environment and tuition fees that are reasonable. A degree from a Canadian university is recognized as being equivalent to degrees from other Commonwealth countries and also from the United States.


Newcomer Resources

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Education System

Every child in Canada has a legal right to education. There is no tuition cost to attend publicly funded Ontario schools from kindergarten to grade 12.

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English as a Foreign Language Test

Depending upon which country you are coming from, you may have to take an English-language proficiency test called TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) to demonstrate how well you can speak, write and read in English, before applying to a publicly-funded college or university. Here's what you need to know.

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Applying to Colleges and Universities

Each college or university has their own admission requirements and select which students to accept. The deadline to apply depends on whether you are currently in high school, and which kind of program you are applying to.

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Student Life and Accommodations

Choosing a school is important but getting to know more about your campus and your city is also vital to have a successful educational experience. On this page you can learn about the types of housing available, Toronto’s varied neighborhoods, campus safety and health services, and the Toronto Public Library.