Toronto Book Awards


2016 Toronto Book Award Finalist

In Marnie Woodrow’s second novel, two lively girls who meet aboard a roller coaster in 1909 and a modern-day woman who grieves the loss of a partner with whom she was not in love. Heyday is a double-barreled story about nostalgia, the soul’s quest for pleasure and the power of love to endure through lifetimes.

What the judges said . . .

Marnie Woodrow's Heyday performs double duty as a lesson on a forgotten piece of Toronto history and a genuinely touching love story. Set mainly in the now-lost Hanlan's Point amusement park of the early 20th century, Heyday tells of a taboo affair between two young girls, Bette and Freddy, who meet on a roller coaster. This main plot is paralleled by a second story line of a modern-day woman grieving the loss of her wife. Heyday entertains and informs, while being simultaneously both heart-warming and heart-breaking.

Marnie Woodrow 

Marnie Woodrow is the acclaimed author of two short fiction collections, Why We Close Our Eyes When We Kiss, and In The Spice House. Her novel, Spelling Mississippi, was short-listed for the First Novel Prize. Her second novel, Heyday, is a two-era love story set on Toronto Island.

Excerpt from Heyday

So this was Hanlan’s Point. She could barely catch her breath as she took in the whirl of candy colours, greasy food smells, blasting horns and rumbling, smoky engines. And there it was: the mesmerizing Figure 8 roller coaster. Now she stared for a long time at the ride, as in awe as an Egyptologist finally faced with the pyramids. Shrieks erupted from the train as it flew along a wooden track like a runaway streetcar. It was better than anything. 

Excerpted from Heyday by Marnie Woodrow. Copyright © 2015 Marnie Woodrow. Published by Tightrope Books. Reproduced by arrangement with the Publisher. All rights reserved.