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See Parking Ticket Data Readme file

Approximately 2.8 million parking tickets are issued annually across the City of Toronto. This dataset contains non-identifiable information relating to each parking ticket issued for each calendar year. The tickets are issued by Toronto Police Services (TPS) personnel as well as persons certified and authorized to issue tickets by TPS.

This data set contains complete records only. Incomplete records in the City database are not included in the data set. Incomplete records may exist due to a variety of reasons e.g. the vehicle registration is out-of-province, tickets paid prior to staff entering the ticket data, etc.The volume of incomplete records relative to the overall volume is low and therefore presents insignificant impact to trend analysis.


Please note, you may need to download an open source application that splits the file into little chunks to import into Excel. We are hoping to present this data in the future in smaller file sizes.

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