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Allen District Plan

Application Overview

Build Toronto has submitted a District Plan for the Allen District, which is located within the Downsview Area Secondary Plan area. The Allen District is generally located south of Sheppard Avenue West, on either side of Allen Road.

The Downsview Area Secondary Plan requires the completion of a District Plan to the satisfaction of the City prior to any development proceeding in a District. The purpose of the District Plan is to set out a finer grain level of detail for the development of the area. The District Plan is where streets and blocks are laid out with detailed information on land use, built form, massing and treatment of the public realm. It is also where a Public Art Strategy, Community Services and Facilities Strategy and Affordable Housing Strategy are refined to reflect a cohesive framework from which to draw from as development occurs. The District Plan is also important in setting out a Phasing Plan for the growth of the District.

Pursuant to the Downsview Area Secondary Plan, District Plans are required to be completed to the satisfaction of the City prior to any development proceeding.


At its Pre-hearing Conference on June 29, 2011, the Ontario Municipal Board issued an oral decision approving an updated Downsview Area Secondary Plan. A written decision from the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) was issued on August 17, 2011.

The vision for the Downsview Area Secondary Plan is to provide a land use and development framework that supports the significant public investment in rapid transit infrastructure and the National Urban Park, and achieves a mix of transit-supportive land uses of a high quality of urban design.

The Secondary Plan also sets out major goals that are reflected in specific policies. These goals speak to achieving connected parks and open spaces, a mix of land uses that are supportive of the existing and planned transit investments, connecting the Secondary Plan Area lands to the surrounding city, demonstrating a high quality of urban design and supporting sustainable development.

The Secondary Plan outlines minimum and maximum densities across the District as well as maximum heights. The Secondary Plan outlines seven districts that reflect different physical locations, characteristics and development expectations. The districts are the National Urban Park, Bombardier/DND/TTC, Stanley Greene, William Baker, Sheppard-Chesswood, Allen and Wilson. These districts encompass a variety of land uses, functions and each have specific goals and objectives.

The Allen District is to develop as a mixed-use District with non-residential development near the Downsview Subway Station and residential development to the south. At-grade street connections across Allen Road will be established to connect and link the west and east sides of the District. Three local parks will be provided, one on the west side of Allen Road and two on the east side of Allen Road which will be linked by a greenway.

Drawings and Reports

First Submission

The following drawings and supporting reports were submitted by the application for review by the City:

Community Consultation

The City held a Community Consultation Meeting with Build Toronto on May 25, 2016 to share information, answer questions, and receive comments on the Allen District Plan. The following materials are from the Community Consultation Meeting:

Since the Community Consultation Meeting held last year by Councillor Pasternak and City staff, Build Toronto has received a first round of comments from City staff.

Build Toronto and City staff will be meeting at the end of March to discuss and address the comments. A summary will be posted to the City’s website and the Allen District website following this meeting.

Build Toronto will be updating the Allen District Plan in order to resubmit to the City. Prior to this resubmission, Build Toronto will be hosting the second round of community consultation to present updates to the Allen District Plan and discuss refinements for Phase 2 of the community engagement process. This will include a LAC and community meeting (see attached process graphic for more details), similar to the first set of meetings.  We will post the community meeting details here as soon as we’ve scheduled a date for the meeting.

Thank you for your interest and continued participation in the process.

Application Timeline

January 13, 2015 – North York Community Council

A Preliminary Report dated December 15, 2014 was considered by North York Community Council on January 13, 2015.  North York Community Council deferred decision until February 18, 2015.

February 18, 2015 – North York Community Council

The Preliminary Report was considered again by North York Community Council and deferred to its next meeting on April 14, 2015.

April 14, 2015 – North York Community Council

The Preliminary Report and a Supplementary Report (March 25, 2015) were adopted by North York Community Council and directed the following:

  • City Planning staff schedule a community consultation meeting for the lands within the Allen District together with the Ward Councillors.
  • City Planning staff give notice for the community consultation meeting to landowners and residents within 120 metres of the site, and that the notice area of the community consultation meeting be extended, at the cost of the applicant, to include, in addition to the 120 metre notice area, all landowners and residents residing in the following two areas:
  1.  The area bounded by Waterloo Avenue to the north; Bathurst Street to the east; William R. Allen Road on the west and Palm Street to the south; and
  2.  The area bounded by Chesswood Drive to the west; Sheppard Avenue West to the south, and Steeprock Drive to the north.
  • City Clerk's staff give notice for the public meeting under the Planning Act according to the regulations of the Planning Act.
  • The Director of Community Planning, North York District, include in the Final Report, a phasing strategy for the implementation of the Allen District, to provide that upon completion of the 2015 Allen District Precinct Plan, only the east side of William R. Allen Road can proceed to be developed and that the west side of William R. Allen Road will require further Precinct Plan approvals.

City Planning Staff Reports

December 15, 2014- Preliminary Report

March 25, 2015- Supplementary Report